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New Un'goro Packs Have a Release Date!

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Well it looks looks like we don't need to wait much longer for new packs. 

Brand new Un'goro packs are set to be released on April 6th at 10 am. So make sure you set yourself an alarm.

Though do remember, you cannot access the packs until after 10 am, or you will crash the game.

Reddit user /u/17inchcorkscrew took to Reddit this evening to delight us all with the news, and even showed us what they look like:

If you are in Europe, you must wait until 7pm Pacific time on that day to access the packs. If you live in Asia, you have access to the packs after 1pm Pacific. 

If you are wondering how to unlock an Un'goro pack, we've got you covered. Reddit user /u/Judge2020 has recorded the steps you must take to unlock your Un'goro pack.

That video is posted below:

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