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New Proposal May Fix Inability To Choose Card Set Issue

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One complaint that is universal when it comes to Hearthstone players is the inability to choose which set card pack comes during reward scenarios. 

Well even though Blizzard apparently isn't interested in fixing that anytime soon, one player may have found an easier way to fix this issue than we thought.

A Reddit user who goes by the name Rikcatdotcom posted to the Hearthstone Reddit thread last night with a unique proposal on how the issue could be fixed:

Hello! I'm Rik and i'm a UX Designer by day and a Hearthstone addict by night.

I've seen so many posts about the inability to choose what set card packs comes from during reward scenarios. The largest instance being the pack rewarded in Arena and HTC "Choose You Champion" packs.

I put together some screens showing a method that could be implemented by adding a new currency called "Token Card Packs". This is actually very similar Shadowverse's Tickets, but I think its a bit cleaner. I tried to stay as close to the current UI in Hearthstone as possible.

Having these token packs could open other ways to reward players and give them the flexibility to choose the sets they most need cards from.


Here's how you do it:​

Do you think Blizzard would actually go for this? Let me know in the comments.

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