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Blizzard Gets Around Loot Regulations in China

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Credit: Nobravery via iyingdi.com

Late last evening, a new patch hit the CDN for the Chinese servers, and it includes some minor text adjustments few cool images.

These images changes the store over to a "purchase Arcane Dust" mode.

This change is likely to be only in China. 

Players can purchase Dust in the in-game store, and once it is purchased, players receive a gift from Blizzard with Card Packs that are equal to the amount of Arcan Dust that players has purchased. 

The reason for this is to get around new gambling laws surrounding loot boxes in games.

Credit: Heartpwn

A new file has also been added for the StoreSwitchButtons which contains a CN Suffix. This normally means that this is only going to be available to people who connect to the Chinese server. 

The file has an Arcane Dust Jar button in the place where there is usually a button for Card Packs.

Credit: Heartpwn

There is also a StoreFronticon was also added to Dust.

Finally, there are also some new strings available.

Credit: Heartpwn

Are you going to try and get your hands on some Arcane Dust in China? Let me know in the comments!

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