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Yong Woo Confirms Elise Card Will Be in Un'Goro Set!

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Yesterday, The Angry Chicken podcast confirmed on their 200th episode (video below) that there will be a brand new Elise card, not a reprint, in the upcoming expansion.

The Angry Chicken team had Senior Producer of Hearthstone, Yong Woo on the show and he confirmed the new addition. 

One interesting little tidbit, the Elise card will have a different title ala Deathwing.

Yong Woo talked more about his enthusiasm about Elise and why the team decided on creating a new Elise card: 

“We really enjoyed her character and wanted to explore her more. When we were talking about Un’Goro crater and who would be our guide, Elise was definitely one of the names first brought up in the brainstorming meetings.”

Additionally, if you’ve been seeing turtles in the Un’Goro art and wondering what the hell has been going on, you’re not alone. Yong Woo mentions in the video that next week we will get to see some new cards that feature the turtles or “turtle people”.

You can view the full video below, skip ahead to 21:32 to see Yong Woo confirm the new Elise.

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