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9 Cards to Safely Disenchant to Standard in Hearthstone's Year of the Mammoth

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Anytime you even mention the word disenchantment to a Hearthstone player, you are bound to get either one of two reactions. You are either firmly for it, or firmly against.

Those who have a firm "don't do it" stance usually have a fair amount of money to expend on the game. In reality though, most players don't have that kind of money to be throwing around.

When you really look at it, disenchantment is actually a pretty reasonable solution for those playing on a budget. This is especially true if you're only interested in playing in the Standard format, which has the Basic and Classic sets of cards AND all of the last two years of released Adventures and expansions.

Anything before that is going to be useless to you. Now I'm not telling you to disenchant all Wild cards, even if you only play in Standard. If I were you though, I would look in your collection and do a hefty spring cleaning of cards you know you are never going to be able to use.

Here are some cards you scan safely disenchant: 

(Keep in mind, this only relates to the sets that are leaving Standard mode in the year of the Mammoth: Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and The League of Explorers.)

The Skeleton Knight

The stat distribution is horrible, the card does nothing when played, and the text is useless at times. The meta is way too much for this card, especially when played in Wild. It doesn't even matter that you get "infinite value" when you play this three times in a game, because you're playing a 6-mana card that can die in a 3-mana spell. Ditch it.


There are two reasons not to play this card. 1. As an Inspire card, it's effectively costing you 6-mana. 2. The quality of this card is so much lower than the common 4-drops that it's basically useless. Also, if you're wondering if it will ever be useful in the future, I have the answer: It won't be.

Cursed Blade

The problem with this card is that it does nothing for you and everything for your opponent. You're either not going to kill your opponent in one swing, or you're going to take 6 damage to the face if you try to. It's a "meme card" at best and you should breathe a sigh of relief to finally let it go.

Arch-Thief Rafaam

It's a lesser quality version of cards like Kazakus and Kalimos, Primal Lord. It was hardly a thing when it was available in Standard meta, which means it will be even less of a thing in Wild.  The card it generates is a 10-mana spell that is easily taken down by much cheaper cards. Kick it to the curb.

Sea Reaver

It's worse than Flame Leviathan, which is a card no one played either. Even when multiple versions of Patron Warrior were the strongest decks in the game, people still didn't even consider this card. Time to say goodbye.

Poisoned Blade

At least with Cursed Blade, you can kill yourself. With this card, all it does is prompt your opponent to kill you. It requires such an extensive amount of Inspire effects and Hero Power, that by the time you figure it all out, we'll have a whole new Hearthstone. Get it out of here.

Reliquary Seeker

The only time you want to see this card is when you can use it, and that's only possible in very rare situations. It becomes a barrier between you and other cards that are naturally good. Get it out and collect the dust.

Dark Bargain

While it is tuned toward a fast and aggressive style of deck, this card is neither fast nor aggressive. It assumes you're already behind in tempo, which makes it a complete contradiction to the archetype. It is gone from Standard and has no place in Wild, but you can still use it as an Arena card.

Ancient Shade

This card never saw the light of day in any aggressive Standard decks, so why are keeping it around hoping it one day will? Just get rid of it, you will thank me later.

Was there any cards I forgot? Any you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.

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