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Knights of the Frozen Thorne

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It's about time we dive into the the cards shown (and not shown) in the cinematic. This is but a small glimpse into exactly what Blizzard may be planning, because we unfortunately have yet to see very many cards yet.

We do have the cards that have been shown, but you need to be wary of these. They may appear to be Legendary, but it just may be a ruse as previous cinematics have done before, with the resulting card being rare. 

Make sure to keep that in mind so you don't get disappointed in the future when you realized you will never be able to play with these cards. 

The 3 Mana 2/2

You could say that he will not be a very popular card due to the lower stat allocation, but don't we love to love unplayable characters? 

Plus with the Icecrown setting, it could also be Underking Talonox, which is the only crypt Lord of the World of Warcraft zone. And now Aub'arak will have a friend!

The 5 Mana 5/4

They are ascended warriors of the Light that live to serve the Titantic Watcher, Odyn. The Val'kyr goal is to bring spirits of dead Vrykul to his Halls of Valor. 

She is more colorful when compared to the Scourge Val'kyr, and most of them serve the Lich King. That only makes it harder to find a perfect match, but here are some near perfect matches:

  • Svala Sorrowgrave
  • Sister Svalna
  • Vardmadra
  • Olrun the Battlecaller

The 4 Mana 5/1

I wasn't sure we were going to find a card worse than Magma Rager, but here we are! True, we don't know nearly anything about it, but a 5/1 that costs an extra mana? C'mon now.

What do we know? He is definitely a Death Knight. He has blue accents EVERYWHERE. Plus the runesword? Total Death Knight.

We don't have very many Death Knights from the Blood Elf race, which is strange. This guy is also nothing like one of the first Death Knights who was also a Blood Elf, Koltira Deathwater. 

The 3 Mana Fus Roh Dah

No attack or health here, but that breath though?

By my instances, she looks like another Death Knight, even with those horns of hers. Arthas probably wouldn't discriminate when it came to Death Knights, but unfortunately for this girl, she doesn't really fit any of the playable races. 

The 3 Mana Shark Bear

I need to know the effect text that comes along with this dude. It has to be through the roof. 

I just hope that this one becomes collectible, and maybe even have Shark Bear become a Death Knight? Hey, a girl can dream.

Which do you think will become collectible? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

All images courtesy of HeartPwn.

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