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New Hearthstone Expansion Just Announced

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Hearthstone just dropped a major bomb in the form of a new expansion, and it's even bigger than you can imagine.

In Hearthstone's next expansion, all nine heroes will be able to transform into Death Kings.

The theme of the expansion will be based around Wrath of the Lynch King, and the new set of 135 cards will be called Knights of the Frozen Throne. The new set will be available sometime in August.

So does this mean that they have added the Death Knight class? Well, not quite.

Blizzard has always been weary of adding a new class, even after many Hearthstone players have predicted Death Knights to be the most likely 10th class hero. So rather than add the Death Knight as its own hero, Knights of the Frozen will give all existing heroes the ability to become Death Knights. 

Each class will get a legendary 'Hero Card' that gives them the ability to turn into a Death Knight while also giving them a different hero power and other effects.

For example above, Hunter becomes Deathstalker Rexxar, which costs six mana and gives you five armor and deals two damage to all enemy minions.

Also new to Knights of the Frozen Throne is the 'Lifesteal' card. How these work is however much damage a Lifesteal card doles out, your hero will be healed the same amount. 

Knights of the Frozen is the second full set released by Hearthstone in the "Year of the Mammoth". Also in true Blizzard fashion, they did include some single-player PvE content to make up for the lack of 'Adventures'. 

Each player will be given access to a prologue mission followed by two wings, each having three bosses each. To finish up, a clash against the Lich King.

The prologue mission also rewards you with a Legendary Hero card to get you started with your Death Knights. 

More Death Knight cards are posted below:

Are you excited for this new expansion? Let us know in the comments down below!

Here is another video, just to amplify your excitement:

All images courtesy of PC Gamer.

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