Why Are You On Facebook?

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Facebook. The platform that allows you to share a video of your newly born son or a photo album of all your marriage pictures. 

All of your relatives, friends, former teachers and that guy who owns the laundromat you use can see everything you post, whether it be a date with your “bae,” posting about your “6 week workout challenge,” or the latest Buzzfeed survey: “Which Gas Station are you?”

Now obviously a video of your newly born son and a social survey are two very different things to be sharing with the world. 

However if you go on sometimes profile now a days, which are you more realistically likely to see?

Why I think Facebook is useful:

I honestly do like Facebook in the larger sense. I think it is a wonderful tool for communication for one person to be connected to thousands of others just by opening an app. 

Using Facebook to sell old items, joining groups for your work/hobby, events that interest you or serious life changing events from your friends are all examples of great Facebook content. 

Facebook is also a great way for small businesses, local artists or up and coming musicians to get their image out for the world to

Why I hate Facebook:

I do not like Facebook for many reasons but the number one reason is by far all of the political content flooding my newsfeed.

When I see political content I always ask the question: 

Does this post change anything? Did what you just shared enlighten someone on an issue they might have not heard about? Does it promote discussion or is your post one sided and only pushes others away?

More often than not political posts/shares are extremely one sided. Their objective is never to promote discussion about the issues but are posted to simply reassure people that their beliefs are true.

Ask yourself, “When was the last time I changed my view on a political matter because someone’s Facebook post enlightened me?” Probably very few times. So now ask yourself this, “Why are you posting?”

Do people honestly think that by stating their opinion online, they have positively influenced their image? Or do you think their online friends are getting tired of them and have defriended them?

Some people are fine with losing friends over a political stance they have, which is honestly ridiculous. 

I argue, wouldn’t it be better to advocate for a discussion on said issue instead of “building a wall” between the opposition? If you truly think you are “right,” then you should be trying to convince others why, not pushing them further away!

I do understand that in some instances, people are trying to simply share information with others and do not share their opinion on the matter. Their sources might not have a basis and they do not want to create an argument. 

However, certain people need to be reminded that they are actually not politicians nor do they work in Washington in any means.

Chris is a college student who loves all types of music as well as culture trends. He spends his days practicing his clarinet and consuming content from all platforms. He is addicted to coffee and only wants the truth and nothing but the truth to be spread into the world.
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