Doctor Says Weed Up Your Butt Is More Effective Than Smoking It

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Boy, do I have some interesting news for all you stoners out there. You've been doing it all wrong. 

Put the bowl down, bend over and get that real high you deserve.  

Mikhail Kogan, the medical director of The Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University, said he sees no reason for people to actually smoke marijuana medically anymore. 

The reason being, the lungs just aren't very good at absorbing enough of the drug. In fact, neither is the stomach, which has tons of gastric acids that interfere with the absorption as well. 

According to Dr. Kogan, if you really want that intense high, he suggests considering putting it in a different hole. 

While speaking with the National Post on the topic of weed, Dr. Mikhail Kogan said the best way to get the full benefits of marijuana is to stick it up your anus. 

“Rectally is actually a lot more preferred because of the volume of absorption. 

You can put a lot more and it gets absorbed a lot better, but not everybody is open to this way of administration. [Smoking] in my opinion is very archaic and has very little clinical applicability.”

Currently, suppositories are made by dissolving cannabis extract in an oil or butter. Putting the finished product in the rectum is said to have rapid systemic effects.

There you have it folks. Consider toking up anally the next time you're trying to get high.  

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