The Top 5 New England Patriots Plays of The 2016 - 2017 Season

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With the Super Bowl just days away, I wanted to round up the top 5 plays of the Patriots' 2016 - 2017 season.

5. Shea McClellin Blocks Justin Tucker

Shea McClellin gets the snap count perfect in this week 14 win over the Baltimore Ravens. This is one of the most difficult and riskiest plays to pull off on a field goal, because if the defensive player touches an offensive lineman while leaping, it results in a penalty. McClellin easily clears the long snapper and blocks Sam Koch, the holder, resulting in Patriots ball.

4. Blount Bounces Outside For The TD


LeGarrette Blount shows off some nimble moves to bounce out of the backfield. Once he turns the corner he tries one too many jukes and almost stumbles, but manages to make it into the end zone.

3. Cool As A Cucumber 

Tom Brady can stay cool no matter what the circumstances are. Here, a botched fake end around with #11 Julian Edelman results in a fumble. Brady picks up the ball, sticks with the original play, watches Malcolm Mitchell coming on a crossing route to the right side of the field.

2. All-Pro Route Running By Julian Edelman

Seriously, this guy still isn’t an All-Pro? Look at this impeccable route running. Two misdirections, one at the beginning to get the corner back to bite, then when #27’s hips turn, Edelman fakes to the left and goes to the right side. Brady throws a perfect ball and Edelman drags his right toe beautifully for the touchdown.

1. Michael Floyd Throws The Block Of The Year For Julian Edelman's 77-Yard TD

This play is the perfect example of why the Patriots are consistently good, they take care of the little things. This is a simple 8-yard hook by Julian Edelman that works because Michael Floyd pushes the defense back by running a vertical. Speaking of Floyd, he lays down one of the blocks of the year when he absolutely lays out #36 Tony Lippet.

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