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VIDEO: Watch What Happens When Matt Ryan Is Offered A Shot From a Pats Fan

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Time heals all wounds, they say. Except historic Super Bowl losses. 

It’s been about a month since the Super Bowl 51 classic and Atlanta Falcons' Quarterback Matt Ryan still remembers it like it was yesterday. 

Ryan was in a bar recently and was sent a drink by a friendly Patriots’ fan and his response is priceless. First, some context on the situation. Here's a quote from TerezOwens.com, who originally posted the video:

“Two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL decided to party at Bevvy in Scottsdale, Arizona last night. This comes to us via our “tip box” I sent Matt Ryan tequila shots from a Patriots fan and he wouldn’t drink them, his exact words ” F*ck No.” Both were cool guys, checkout the pictures below and one guy even asked Matt Ryan why he only handed the ball off five times in the second half.”

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