The Top 10 Atlanta Falcons Plays From The 2016-2017 Season

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With Super Bowl 51 less than two weeks away, I wanted to count down what I think are the top 10 best plays from the Atlanta Falcons 2016–2017 season (including playoffs).

10. Deion Jones Takes It To The House

9. Devonta Freeman Okie Dokes Steven Terrell

This is one of the many reasons why the Falcons are so dangerous, they have weapons everywhere. If the wide receivers are covered, the running backs will step up. Here, Devonta Freeman takes a dump off 50 yards on one of his trademark jukes. #23 Steven Terrell isn’t getting up from that juke anytime soon.

8. Taylor Gabriel Goes Deep

Taylor Gabriel ran a 4.28 40 yard dash at his pro day. Think about that for a second, that’s .04 slower than the fastest 40 ever recorded in history. If the Falcons need the opposing defense to respect the pass, they just need to send Gabriel on a vertical and let him outrun everybody.

7. Julio Jones Goes Full Rigor Mortis

6. Aldrick "Twinkle Toes" Robinson

What a throw and catch. This is the perfect example of why Matt Ryan is a real MVP candidate, he has played unreal this season. This pass was thrown perfectly to lead Aldrick Robinson and he caught it in stride. Speaking of Robinson, he has one of the best toe taps this season on this catch. Watch as he barely gets his left foot in even though his body is still facing the opposite way

5. Just Nasty

4. Strip Sack Lunch

Vic Beasley was the league leader in sacks this year and he shows why on this play. After slipping through the Rams’ right tackle’s attempt at a block, Beasley strips Jared Goff and returns the ball 22 yards for the touchdown. While he may have earned a trip to Orlando for his play this year, it definitely wasn’t for his celebration skills.

3. Taylor Gabriel Weasels Through Arizona

Taylor Gabriel skates through the entire Arizona defense on this screen pass. Gabriel’s speed and vision allows him to turn this screen into a 35 yard touchdown. 

2. Julio Gets HIT

Julio gets hit sticked from both sides and still manages to not only hold onto the ball but hold onto his head.

1. Julio Finishes Off The Packers

Julio's elite speed and strength is on full display here as he not only outruns but outmuscles the Packers' secondary. In the replay, you can see that even with a hold, Jones can release, get a lead, and score a touchdown. He even puts one of the nastiest stiff arms in the playoffs so far on #23 Damarious Randall.

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