Overwatch Moments We've All Lived Through

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Here are just a few moments that all of us have been through when playing the different classes. They bring memories that are good, bad, and…..horrifying….

Feel free to comment with the best, worst, and most ridiculous positions you’ve been in when playing different roles. 


With the weight of half the team objectives on your back, it's always really rewarding to get that smash hit. Whether you're playing assassin, Hitscan DPS, or Projectile DPS, the kills all feel so good...

CLEANING HOUSE - We all know the feeling of popping off on the whole enemy team. 

Credits: NiceBiodegradableAxolotl

The only thing worse than a crappy team when attacking enemy objectives is a camper. They sit and chip away at your team from miles away. Sometimes they just need a reminder who's boss...

SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER - That moment when you show the campers who's boss.

Credits: NippyAccurateIndochinesetiger


We've all been in that situation where the whole team sees the enemy and rushes in a neat little squad. No matter how many times it happens, I never stop facepalming...

 When the team thinks defense means walking in a straight line into the TWIN DRAGONS OF DEATH. 

Bastion is the most annoying defensive hero. Period. Bastion when he's in turret mode is the bane of my existence. 

There's nothing worse than getting flanked by turreted bastion...

Credits: AmusingElasticBullfrog


We all feel like this guy when playing Reinhardt. It's like Super Smash on steroids. 

Winston is probably my favorite tank after Reinhardt just because his special is so hilarious. The crazed monkey rush only gets better with the banana keyboard...

Winston takes 'going bananas' over 9000...

Credits: AmbitiousReflectingArabianHorse


Of all the different classes, I play Support the most and these two moments were my life story.

If you can't stick with me, go to hell. - No heals? Then die…

Credits: MyServantsNeverDie

"0 Heal" is both the most hilarious and annoying phrase in the game. You put in all that effort to keep those little noobs alive and at the end they put all the blame at your feet. Are you kidding me?

Every time a noob dies, it’s always your fault...0 heal...

Credits: WideeyedSplendidHartebeest

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