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Please, Stop Getting Mad at the Phrase "White Privilege". Here's Why:

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I’m not writing this to convince anyone that white privilege exists. I think if your mind is made up on that matter, there isn’t much I can do to change that.

What I do want to do is try and explain why people like myself believe white privilege exists, so that when an argument breaks out, at least both sides know what the other is saying. 

To start off, white privilege is not saying that you don’t deserve whatever position you have reached in life. It is not saying you didn’t try hard, or meet hardships on your way. White privilege is not calling you lazy or incompetent, in fact it has very little to do with you.

What white privilege means is that people of color must work harder for the same position as a white person. 

There are reasons to believe this is true. For example: while drug use is proportional in every population across America, a black person is more likely to be arrested for non-violent drug crimes, then their white counterpart and once in jail, people of color will probably serve a longer sentence too

Additionally, while whites and blacks may be equally unprepared for college, whites are more likely to be accepted and once you enter the job market, a “White” name is more likely to get you called back to a job interview.

These are the big picture statistics, but in truth white privilege is also the smaller things, that I cannot prove, which is where I believe, the debate stems from. 

As a white person, I’ve never had someone lock their door when I walk down the street, but I’ve been in a car where that was done to a person of color. 

If I hang out with my friends, I’m not considered “scary;” people do not see my default emotion as angry because of my skin color. 

These are impossible to prove, but they are things that so many people of color experience daily.
In my mind, white privilege is always less about how whites have a leg up, as much as people of color are pushed down. 

White privilege does not mean there are no white poor people. It does mean it can be harder for a person of color to leave poverty, though. 

White privilege does not mean you don’t deserve the job you have right now, it just means that a person of color, just as qualified as you, would have a more difficult time reaching that position. 

White privilege doesn’t mean you’ll never go to jail, it just means you will probably be there for a shorter amount of time than your colored compatriots. 

If you don’t want to say white privilege exists, that’s fine. What we’re asking is that you acknowledge the roughness people of color must go through. 

That’s all white privilege is about really, acknowledging that someone else must work harder than you to get the same position. 

You don’t have to march, rally, protest, write to your senator, beg forgiveness from you nearest person of color, instead just be aware, that there are some perspectives you cannot see, because you were born a certain way.

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