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Bombing Syria: Right or Wrong?

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I won’t deny this. Bombing Syria felt good. Not only that, it felt like the right thing to do. An atrocity had occurred and we responded with the might of our military.

That’s good, right?

I’ve never tried to disguise the fact that I’m a blue-blooded liberal, nor have I ever hid my contempt for our current president.

However, I do not disagree with this decision because of who he is. If I were in his position, I’m not sure I could make a different choice. 

That doesn’t change the fact that, given the options, it may not have been the right decision.

Because while this decision felt good, it either doesn’t do enough, or does too much.

The Trump administration bombed one airfield after giving Russia a warning that they were going to bomb said airfield.

Do you think Russia kept that secret to themselves, or do you think they shared that with their Syrian allies? 

When we bombed that facility, what are the odds that it was deserted, and the weapons that were housed there were shipped off site? 

I’m not saying the facility was definitely deserted, I am saying it’s a possibility.

Once again, I’m not blaming President Trump. He had to warn the Russians, because a dead Russian would have been an excuse for war. 

However, this means that the bombing was a gesture and nothing more. A gesture that resulted in Russia and Iran threatening war.

What were the President’s other options though? Well, he could have followed after the Obama administration and done nothing, but that doesn’t feel right does it? And we want to feel as if we were doing something.

Well then you have the Hillary Clinton option, who claimed that she would have bombed every airfield

This certainly would have done something, crippling Assad’s air force. However, this would also have undoubtedly drawn us into a long-term war in Syria, with huge implications for our relationship with both Russia and Iran, though Hillary Clinton claims otherwise.

The Hillary Clinton option may feel good, and may actually do something, but its end result would be much more severe than anything Trump’s administration has done.

So, did Trump make the right decision? In my opinion, no he did not. While doing nothing may seem to be the coward’s way, it is also the smartest. 

Our sanctions, our bombing of ISIS, are hurting Syria. We are helping the rebels under the table, and we can keep up a good face with Russia and Iran. 

We gained nothing out of the attack against Syria, nor did it hamper Assad’s forces in any serious way.

Do you remember your teacher saying, “If you don’t give it your 100% you won’t succeed” or something to that measure? 

The same concept applies here. If you go the full Clinton and attack, you’ll be doing something; if you go the full Obama and don’t, you’ll also be doing something. 

But this attack was a half-measure, which led to a failed result.

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