Top 5 in Politics: May 29th- June 8th

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1. Comey's Testimony

The investigation into President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey is moving forward with his public Senate hearing. Comey contends that there were no votes altered during the 2016 election, that President Trump never asked him to interfere with the investigation, and that he was surprised by his firing. 

Though no votes were changed or added, Comey admits that Russia did interfere with the election in other ways. He also adds that the president had a dishonest feel to him and that others may have questioned some of his actions as well.

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2. Kathy Griffin Beheads Trump

For those of you that don’t know, Kathy Griffin posed for a photo holding President Trump’s severed head on Tuesday, May 30th. Naturally, she didn’t actually kill the president, but the public is holding her accountable for crossing this line. 

President Trump noted that his youngest son was having trouble with the imagery, and Melania denounced the photo as especially awful in light of all that is happening in the world today. At first, Griffin defended her photo as mocking the Mocker in Chief, but has since changed her position, admitting that she went too far.

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3. Paris Climate Accords

As expected, President Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement on Thursday, June 1st. Citing economic issues and a need for independence on the world stage, President Trump assured other leaders of his intent to focus on the climate without this agreement. 

Those agreeing with the president’s decision note that nearly half a million jobs in manufacturing would be lost due to this deal in under 10 years. Dissenters point to the fact that there won’t be any jobs if our planet dies. The president’s main focus in this case is the economy; a cost-effective environmental plan has at least some potential in the administration.

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4. London Bridge Attack

33 people have been killed since terror attacks started ramping up in England this March. Most recently, attacks at an Ariana Grande concert as well as at the Westminster and London Bridges have come into focus. Police say that they foiled an additional five terrorist plots, but that action still needs to be taken to prevent any attacks from being successful. 

In response to the recent attacks Prime Minister Theresa May called for increased cybersecurity preventing terrorist propaganda and plans from spreading. She also mentioned that there is “far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.” Announced on Sunday, June 4th, May also added that “enough is enough.” 

In total, seven people were killed in the London Bridge attack. Her message was encouraging after the concert bombing, but with the election closing in, her tone has drastically changed.

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5. Covfefe

“Despite the negative press covfefe.” Is that a word? The president doesn’t even think so. Some people worried he’d had a stroke and could not finish the tweet sent out on Wednesday, May 31st at around midnight. Thought to be a misspelling of ‘coverage,’ it took six hours of the tweet being up for it to finally be taken down. 

Merriam-Webster tried figuring out the definition, but ultimately said that they regretted checking Twitter that morning. At 6am ET, the president jokingly tweeted “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ???” 

Some contend he was drunk or high. Others say it goes deeper than just covfefe and points to a serious character flaw. Hillary Clinton thinks it was a secret message to the Russians. I just think it was funny.

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Hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to comment your definition of covfefe!

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