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Snow Day As An Adult vs Snow Day As A Kid

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Ah, snow storms. One of the many ways Mother Nature can prove that she will always be on top. 

When you transition from student to full blown adult, your views on snow and especially snow storms change drastically. 

With snow-storm Stella telling us she is gonna bury us indoors for days and coming up quite a bit short, it is even more apparent how different a snow day is when you’re an adult than when you were a kid.

​Waking Up

Kids: Waking up to find out you have no school

​It’s super excited to wake up at 6 am and find out that school has decided to close for the day. You get to sleep in, watch TV all day, and you don’t have a care in the world. 

Even if you don’t get to relax and have fun, you get to have an extra day to do all of the work that you put off from the day before. It’s the Universe giving you a break (for once).

Adults: Waking up to find out you still have to go to work/ working from home

​As an adult, you don’t get the same satisfaction. You are either waking up to an email from your boss telling you they’ll see you in the office in an hour, or you’ll get an email saying the office is closed, but you still have to be available and work from home. 

So even if you do get to escape the tundra outside, you still don’t get to enjoy being inside all day (Although working in your pajamas ain’t too bad).

​Waiting In Line

Kids: Waiting in line to go sledding

The line goes on for miles, as each kid anxiously awaits getting to fly down that hill at the speed of light. Sure, you probably lose a glove or two, and you’re bound to fly into at least five kids that day, but you’re having the time of your life.

Adults: Waiting in line at the supermarket to buy essentials

As an adult, you stop waiting in lines to go sledding and start waiting in line to buy the essentials. 

You usually forget until it’s the last minute (as does everyone else), and you end up getting stuck in an hour long line holding a loaf of bread that looks like it’s been run over, and a pint of milk that is bound to become cottage cheese by the time you get to the cashier.

​Playing In The Snow

Kids: Building Snowmen

It’s every kids dream: to build the perfect snowman. Even though the snow is never the right consistency and you are bound to give up before you’re even done creating the body, you still get to enjoy the journey of trying to create the perfect snowman.

Adults: Shoveling Out Your Car

So instead of packing the snow together, you spend your snow day (when you aren’t working) to shovel out the mountain of snow that has enveloped your car. Certainly not the same joy as trying to make a snowman.

​Snow Day Snacks

Kids: All the Junk Food

Getting to sit around the house all day means you can eat whatever you want. Chocolate at 10 am? Heck yes. An entire family size bag of chips? Why not? It’s no holds barred on a snow day.

Adults: Alcohol

The one thing you get to enjoy as an adult if you know you are going to be snowed in: alcohol. Making sure you have alcohol when you’re snowed in is almost, if not just as important, as making sure you have milk and bread in your kitchen.

​Enjoying The Day

Kids: Love the day off

There is nothing a kid can hate on a snow day. Not having to go to school, sleeping as late as you want, eating whatever you want, and getting to play in the snow. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Adults: Dreading Everything Single Thing Involved With A Snow Storm

​As an adult, you don’t really get to enjoy having a snow day like you used to. Now you’re worrying about when your street is going to get plowed, what the roads are going to be like, and how the heck you are going to get to work tomorrow.

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