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Why Is Everyone So Happy To Love Boba Fett?

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There are a lot of cool characters in Star Wars: 

There’s Darth Vader, a badass evil space wizard, who changes his way for his son.

Han Solo, the dashing rogue who learns to care about others as much as himself.

Yoda, a wise old Jedi, who despite his size is immensely powerful.

Luke a man who goes from a whining boy to an incredibly powerful Jedi.

Or maybe Leia who goes from being a prisoner who needs saving, to a prisoner who chokes her captor with the chains he bound her with.

All these characters, and more, are great fun characters with depth, character development, and most importantly they actually do stuff. 

You know who doesn’t fill any of those criteria? Boba Fett.

So why do people love him so much?

At first glance Boba Fett is exactly like Darth Maul. They both look cool, don’t talk a lot, and both get killed like a bitch.

Without including anything from the extended universe, why is Boba Fett so loved?

I believe there are three important scenes that established Boba Fett as a cool and beloved character (though I still don’t think he deserves all the attention he gets).

The first scene is when Darth Vader says “I want him alive” to the group of bounty hunters. He then turns to Boba Fett and specifically says “no disintegrations.” 

Darth Vader is the second most powerful man in the galaxy, and we’ve just established that Boba Fett is willing to disobey a direct order from him.

Secondly, while the empire is tricked by Han Solo’s maneuver to be disguised with the rest of the trash, Boba Fett doesn’t fall for it. Tactical smarts established.

Finally, when they are freezing Han Solo in carbonite, Boba Fett talks back to Darth Vader and says “he’ll be no good to me dead.” 

Now Darth Vader has been established time and time again as a character who doesn’t take shit from anyone, yet instead of choking Boba Fett to death, he merely says “You’ll be paid if he dies.” 

This combined with the knowledge we have that Boba Fett is willing to disobey orders from Darth Vader, we see he is extremely capable, and Darth Vader doesn’t want a fight with him.

I think Boba Fett is a testament to Lucas, and how a character can be developed without doing a single thing. That being said, Boba Fett is still just a cool looking dude, who says cool stuff until he dies by malfunctioning jetpack. When picking your favorite character, try someone cooler from the Star Wars Repertoire. There’s plenty to pick from.

His name's technically Chanoch, but goes by Henry because it's pronounceable. He has an indescribable love for Star Wars, and is finally getting around to playing Undertale. He currently attends the University of Baltimore, working towards his English degree.
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