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This Lightsaber Theory Could Prove Rey's Parents Were in The Force Awakens

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Were Rey's parents really in the Force Awakens? That's what one theory is trying to suggest.

We know fan theories are sometimes a little out there, but this one definitely has some things you can sink your teeth into.

There have been several theories popping up ever since J.J. Abrams threw out there that Rey's parents are seen in The Force Awakens before taking it back.

Now we have a new one: The Lightsaber Theory

This theory comes from a YouTuber that calls himself Jon in Theory, and his theory revolves around Rey's parents and Luke Skywalker's old blue lightsaber that originally belonged to Anakin, and was used in Clone Wars.

Let's break everything down:

The theory claims that Luke actually still had his lightsaber sometime after The Return of the Jedi. It could be that it called to him, or that he went looking for it in some sort of adventure we will learn about in a future The Last Jedi book.

Jon's theory then suggests that Rey's parents were never supposed to be anyone already known in the Star Wars universe because it would be way too obvious, and any big twist in her story needs to make at least a little bit of sense.

That means she can't be a Skywalker, a Solo, or a Kenobi.

Jon begins to suggests that it is very strange how much Luke lores around the planet of Jakku, where Rey was left when she was younger. From the Church of the Force, to Lord San Tekka, to even the Millenium Falcon, something just doesn't seem right.

Tekka's village is also coincidently close to Rey, where BB-8 is able to run into her.

"I strongly believe that one or both of Rey's parents were Luke's Jedi apprentices and that they're among the bodies we see in front of the Knights of Ren. An alternate way to interpret this is that Luke ends up giving the lightsaber to Rey's father or mother, believing them to be the rightful heir to the Jedi and angering Ben Solo because Luke doesn't trust him to carry on the legacy. This would be huge for a villian who's been set up to revere his grandfather. Luke might even suspect Ben is slowly being seduces to the Dark Side by Snoke as he picks his successor."

Now yes, this is all speculation, but things are starting to add up, especially when you think of the Force Awakens flashback where Rey is walking the halls of Cloud City on Despin before Luke's first loghtsaber battle with Darth Vader. 

Rey sees Kylo Ren and his Knights slaughtering many unknowns. Rey's parents could have been in that group of unknowns, and Rey is inside the burning building. 

It is possible that Luke digs through the rubble of the structure to find her alive. This could explain why Luke doesn't remember knowing her or meeting her.

Jon continues,

"After survivng this encounter, Luke leaves Rey on Jakku to protect her from the First Order and Kylo Ren, who might suspect another Force sensitive is around. Han, Leia, and Maz would know about Rey because of her parents, but they're not as familiar with her as Luke is. This would explain why Kylo seems to find Rey so familiar, yet he clearly doesn't know who she is when he talks to Supreme Leader Snoke."

This would also explain why Kylo is so upset with Luke and the Jedi order. Since he is Skywalker blood, he believes that the blue lightsaber should be his. 

"Kylo believes himself to be the rightful heir to Darth Vader by blood, but Rey is his natural enemy because she is heir to Luke Skywalker by the sacrifice of her parents, Luke's true successors."

Jon has posted his entire theory onto YouTube for you all to enjoy and salivate over:

What do you guys think of this theory? Is there any meat to it? Let me know in the comments.

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