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This Mace Windu Theory Will Blow Your Mind

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The Star Wars Trilogy loves to leave its viewers with more questions than answers, and Episode VII (2015) was no different. The big mystery that we were left with was the identity of Rey’s parents. 

The latest installment, Episode VIII, titled The Last Jedi, is already leaving us with questions and it hasn’t even come out yet. Everyone wants to know: Who is the title referring to? And, who is the Supreme Leader Snoke? 

As usual, theories are not in short supply, but one seems to be gaining a lot of traction: What if Mace Windu is the mysterious Snoke? Before you assume I'm crazy, here's a brief overview of the theory. You can view a video outlining the full theory in detail at the bottom of this post. 

Last we saw the great Mace Windu, he was losing a hand while experiencing the full impact of Palpatine's Force lightning before being flung out of a window to his supposed death. 

Samuel L. Jackson, who has played Mace Windu in Episodes I, II, and III, has mentioned several times that he believes Mace Windu is still alive, and wishes to play him in the new Star Wars trilogy. Jackson has also mentioned that he has spoken to George Lucas about this, and Lucas has no opposition to either of Jackson's claims.

Jackson goes on to make clear, that none of the injuries that Windu faced in Episode III (lost hand, lightning bolt and a fall from a high distance) have ever killed any other Jedis in Star Wars. 

Furthermore, you can clearly hear Windu grunt after being hit with Palpatine’s Force Lighting, meaning that the lighting did not kill him. This does leave the door open for Windu still being alive in the new episode.

But, that doesn’t mean that Windu would be completely immune to everything that he was hit with during his fight with Palpatine. This could possibly explain Snoke's apparent scarring and disfigurement.

Another thing to mention is that Mace Windu is not entirely 'good' per se. His lightsaber is bright purple, which could symbolize him being on the dark side and the light side of the force. This is very similar to Snoke, who frequently speaks about the balance between the dark and the light side of the force. The video below delves into more detail about this. 

Remember how Windu suffered those injuries back in Episode III? Let me refresh your memory if you don’t remember. 

Mace Windu, after an epic battle with Emperor Palpatine, had him cornered, whimpering for his life. Before he could deliver the final blow, Windu was interrupted by Anakin, who after pleading with Mace Windu to not kill Palpatine, cuts off Windu’s right hand. That’s a pretty good way to piss somebody off. This hatred could be extended to the Skywalker lineage, of which Rey is heavily rumored to be a part of.

Additionally, Mace Windu has a signature move. A backhanded spin and slice, that he used multiple times throughout Episode III. He fought droids with it, decapitated Jango Fett with it, and used the spin and slice in his fight with Emperor Palpatine. There’s only one other character that uses this move; Kylo Ren...who was trained under Snoke.

Check the video below for more details, it may seem far-fetched at first, but there’s a lot to go on that could give this one some credibility. It’ll be interesting to see this possibly unfold in Episode VIII later this year. Let us know if you think this theory could be true or if it’s a load of scuttlebutt in the comments below.

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