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8 Star Wars Characters Disney Absolutely Needs To Make Movies For

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Disney recently announced that they will be releasing Star Wars movies until 2030 and more likely until we’re all long dead. Needless to say, that's a lot of movies. 

So, I figured I’d give them my wish list of characters that should have their own movies.

Qui-Gon Jinn 

Qui-Gon was an incredibly powerful and wise Jedi. So why wasn’t he allowed on the Jedi council? 

Well according to legend, he served the force as a religion, while the council used the force as a means to help the senate. 

This caused friction between Jinn and the council because he would frequently disagree with their orders and do what he thought was right. 

Movie Plot: The council tells Obi-wan that he must assist a planet to ensure their continued stay in the Galactic Republic. 

However, Qui-Gon discovers that there is another race on this planet being held back by the members of the senate. Qui-Gon disobeys the council and helps the other race. 

At the end, in an attempt to temper down Qui-Gon the council gives him an apprentice.

Mace Windu  


A badass monk played by Samuel L. Jackson. I’m not even going to write anything else.

Movie Plot: Either him in a “diplomatic” situation before or during the clone wars, or if he survived being thrown out the window by Palpatine. 

(Maul survived being thrown down an endless pit, so death by falling means nothing in the Star Wars Universe to force users) 

His futile actions as he attempts a coup on the government.

Grand Admiral Thrawn 


The character so cool, he escaped Legends and is now part of the universe again. 

This alien admiral is cold and calculating, and one of the few aliens to be trusted in a position of power by Darth Sidius.

Movie Plot: This one would be more of a political thriller. Thrawn moving up the chain of command, facing the racism an alien faces. But, Thrawn ignores it and fights on since he is the best and rising to a position of power (Think a sort of Sherlock character in the military).



Chewie deserves a movie. He won’t get one because it would have to be in Wookie for a large portion, and that went great last time it was tried.

Movie Plot: The empire is enslaving the Wookies, but Chewbacca is fighting back. Chewie fights and fights until the end of the movie where he gets captured, and then saved by a handsome smuggler.

Obi-Wan Kenobi 


One of the few bright spots of the prequels was Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan. 

I want a movie just so I can see him shine in that role with better dialogue. I also want to see the transition between Prequels Obi-Wan and Original trilogy Obi-Wan.

Movie Plot: There are those who seek to find the chosen one (Luke) and kill him, since the last “chosen one” ended up starting the Empire. 

Obi-Wan must use his detective skills to find these people before they locate Luke, and decide whether to kill or spare those he finds.

Captain Phasma 

Honestly, she’s done nothing to deserve a movie, I just don’t want her character to suck like it does right now. 

She looks cool, during the beginning of Episode 7 she is cool, but then, she does nothing.

Movie Plot: How she earned her rank and shiny armor in the new order (please make her cool).

Cantina Band 


This band had rocking music, so how did they end up in the middle of a hive of scum and villainy?

Movie Plot: Follow their journey as this band peaked during the clone wars, going from planet to planet, often playing as war simmered around them. 

It would be a unique civilian’s look at war during the clone wars, something that could be potentially interesting.

IG-88, 4-Lom, Boba Fett, Bossk, and Dengar

They are going to do a solo Boba Fett Movie. What I want is an ensemble. 

Bossk and Boba Fett Bounty Hunt through the galaxy together, Bossk is Fett’s mentor in a way. IG-88 is an assassin droid whom people fear naturally from the clone wars, because these things were a bitch to kill. 4-LOM, a protocol droid that switched its programming so that it could steal and kill. 

Finally, there’s Dengar, a solid bounty hunter in his own right.

Movie Plot: These 5 competed to capture Han Solo, but that wasn’t the first time they had to compete with one another. 

Jabba the Hutt hired them to capture someone on his payroll who had stolen over 100,000 credits from him. We watch as the five best bounty hunters in the galaxy race to claim their bounty. 

Alliances will be forged and broken, but more importantly, we’ll find out if there really is any honor amongst thieves.

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