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5 Criticisms of Rogue One That Are Just Ridiculous

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Rogue One was by no means a perfect movie. 

Still, I loved it enough to nominate it for best picture mostly as a joke, but still. The movie was fun and engaging. 

Still some of the criticism I see for this movie is ridiculous. Here are the top 5 I could find.

Ruthless Heroes

Star Wars has never been about subtle symbolism. 

In a New Hope, the good guys (Luke and Leia) wear white clothing. Darth Vader (The bad guy) wears black clothing. 

Han Solo wears both White and black clothing to symbolize his conflicted nature (Black on top but white underneath).

This trend continues throughout the Star Wars Saga. So it’s no surprise that heavy handed symbolism is present in Rogue one.

Saw Gerrera is wearing black and breathes like Darth Vader. Jyn Erso asks several times what’s the difference between the Rebellion and the Empire, because they are so ruthless (giving orders to shoot her dad, Cassian shooting the informant so he could escape). 

The point was rebellions, to a degree, have to become ruthless, but where do you draw the line? Saw Gerrera was basically Darth Vader, down to robotic body parts and bad asthma. 

The Ruthlessness was intentional as part of the moral question of this movie.

Bail Organa’s age doesn’t match Alec Guinness’s age

This is one I just quickly want to stamp out. Yes Alec Guiness’s Obi Wan looks older than Jimmy Smits Bail Organa. Want to know why?

One was living in a virtual paradise on Alderaan, while the other was baking in the hot suns of Tatooine, while dealing with some major psychological damage (He did kill his best friend). 

This would make anyone age faster than a senator, who while living a stressful life, would not compare to the stresses of Obi Wan’s life.

CGI Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia

The CGI on these two were really, really good. 

That being said, this one comes down to personal preferences. 

Some people can get over the uncanny valley, others can’t, and that’s fine. I just don’t think it belongs in these lists of “13 reasons Rogue One was Objectively the Worst (You won’t believe number 3).”

Darth Vader Aggressive, then turns Passive

Okay, the best scene it the movie is the Darth Vader fight scene:

The fear of the soldiers, Darth Vader just demolishing them all, one after the other, taking on a whole army, it was every fanboy’s wet dream to finally see that scene play out on the big screen.

So why (Besides for the technical limitations of that ages cinema) would Darth Vader not be doing the same thing when he boards Princess Leia’s ship, or when he fights Obi Wan?

Well firstly, in Rogue one the situation is urgent, which is why he is handling it directly. 

When the board the Tantive IV, there is no urgency, the plans are on the ship and there is nowhere for it to go. 

Darth Vader is arrogant, and doesn’t care much for the lives of his soldiers. We see this when he walks into Tantive IV and just casually looks at the dead bodies of his soldiers without a care.

As for when he fights Obi Wan, as we learnt from Obi Wan’s fight with Darth Maul, jumping and flipping isn’t always the answer. Sometimes a slower battle makes more sense.

Saw Gerrera's eyes change color

This is the type of criticism I hate. 

Who cares? 

I mean genuinely, who cares if the eye color changed? 

I consider myself a diehard Star Wars fanboy, and I had problems with this movie, but if you came into this movie saying, “I can’t wait to see Saw Gerrera’s baby blue eyes.” You deserve to be disappointed by this movie.

His name's technically Chanoch, but goes by Henry because it's pronounceable. He has an indescribable love for Star Wars, and is finally getting around to playing Undertale. He currently attends the University of Baltimore, working towards his English degree.
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