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'Legends of Tomorrow' Creator Wasn't Joking About That Doozy of a Finale

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** Warning: Spoiler Alert **

The season finale that he been so talked about and hyped up has finally hit our TV screens, and boy, it did not disappoint. 

We had to sit reading and agonizing for days over every interview show creator Marc Guggenheim had, silently dying as he talked about the multitude of character deaths, and about Katie Cassidy returning as Laurel Lance.

So who actually ended up dying? Are we looking at a whole new team next season?

Let's go through the episode:

Rip is eager to reunite with the Legends, and manages to find them even after finding out Thawne had shrunken the ship. He finds them all mourning over the death of Amaya, who had been killed last episode by Snart.

Rip also finds out that the Legends are planning on breaking the rules and going back in time to 1916 France to get the Spear of Destiny back. 

(Cardinal Rule: Do not go back in time to past events you've already visited)

After sneaking into S.T.A.R. Labs, they retrieve Ray's ATOM suit and are able to reverse the shrinking of the ship, and the team heads back to 1916.

It's now that Rip decides to let them team know that they cannot under any means have contact with their former selves, which means that in order to save the day, they need to erase their future selves from history, leaving only their past selves. 

The first death of the night doesn't come long after the realization hits the team. The FutureRay faces off with Reverse Flash while retrieving the blood of Christ. The Reverse Flash pulls out Ray's heart and erases him from reality.

So since their original plan has failed, FutureSara decides that they need to steal the Spear from their former selves so that the Legion cannot get to it. 

Future Nate, Rip, and Mick sneak into the former Waverider to steal the spear, but are stopped when Future Nate runs into the former version of Amaya, and leaves enough time for the former Legends to realize what is going on. 

Really, Nate? I know you love Amaya, and I love you for it, but you had one job. Come on.

So both versions of Legends find themselves together, and it doesn't take long for something bad to happen. A time quake shakes the Waverider, and both teams try to figure out what to do next.

Former Sara leaves, and Future Sara joins her a few moments later. They both know that neither of them can be the one to handle the spear, for the darkness inside of them is just too risky.

(Hint hint: Remember this part)

Suddenly, Legion decides to crash the super awkward party, causing both versions of the Legends to have to scramble to get away. This causes a Time Storm, and causes the Waverider to crash in the middle of the battlefield. 

With no other option in sight, both Saras decided that the Future version of the Legends will stay behind and battle Legion while the former version will take the spear and high-tail it out of there in the Future Waverider.

Then, all hell breaks loose. Future Jax takes an arrow for Stein, making room for former Jax to steal an arrow from Malcolm, stab Malcolm in the leg, and knock him out cold.

(Now this is really important, because we waited all season to figure out the real reason why the writers wouldn't have Jax and Stein just Firestorm up. But it's clear now that they did that because Jax needed to come into his own.)

We also saw Mick and Sara come into their own when Mick decides to choose the team over Snart, and Sara decides not to kill Damien for killing Laurel.

Once the team thinks they are out of the woods, Thawne arrives with an army of Reverse Flashes. The team realizes their, and by their I mean Sara, only option is to use the Spear.

Sara thinks she isn't strong enough to use the Spear, but after Rip assures her that she is, she begins to recite the spell. All the while the Reverse Flashes do a dirty number on her teammates.

This is where things get good.

Sara finds herself in her sister's living room, drinking wine and talking with Laurel. It is clear why the writers basically rushed through the episode to get to this scene. It completely makes the entire episode.

Sara realizes that this is all the Spear's doing, and Laurel tells her that she doesn't need a pure heart in order to yield it. She just needs to be strong, which we all know she is.

Sara returns to reality, recharged and knowing that she is strong enough. She strips the Spear of its power and unleashes the Reverse Flash on Thawne, who is quickly erased from reality.

Unfortunately, this also erases the Future Legends from history.

Now that Thawne is gone, the Legends take care of the rest of Legion. Mick sends Snart back to Central City 2014 with a wiped memory, and Sara sends Damien to Miami 1984 with a wiped memory and a lovely new wardrobe.

On the flip side of the coin, Amaya decides to stay with the team, claiming that time is strong enough to handle her running through time without a care in the world. See Nate? You got what you wanted.

Rip unfortunately decides to try and leave after seeing how well the team has done without him. Sara is sad to see him go, but gives him permission to jump ship. 

If you think you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, hold your breath a little longer. We all know Guggenheim loves to hit us with total chaos in the last 10 mins of finales.

The Legends decide they all need a vacation in Aruba 2017 (hence the episode title), but a time storm rips them from their plans and drops them in Los Angeles 2017, where apparently all hell has broken loose. 

The city is overrun by dinosaurs and futuristic buildings, and Sara decides to state the obvious. "Guys, we broke time."

So where will Season 3 start off? Who knows. One can only hope Marc Guggenheim goes on another press frenzy beforehand so we have something to hold onto.

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