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The Top 10 DC Intercompany Crossovers

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DC comics recently announced a new intercompany crossover with Archie Comics. The six-issue crossover mini-series has Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko at the helm, with art by Laura Braga. This awesome creative team has decided that its about time the Betty and Veronica finally cross paths with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy! As great as that sounds, this isn’t the first time DC comics has kindled fan curiosity with intercompany crossovers. Here’s my list of the coolest (and sometimes most unexpected) DC Comics intercompany crossovers!

#10 Green Lanterns and Star Trek

Space. The Final Frontier. Also, its governed by the Green Lantern Corps. This was an inevitable crossover. The Star Trek cast (IDW) are no strangers to intercompany crossovers but when they recently met with the likes of the Green Lanterns (DC comics). Ganthet, the last surviving Guardian of Oa faces the harsh reality that he must enlist the help of 6 new lanterns after Nekron defeats the entire Corps. He creates new rings, ranging the entire emotional spectrum familiar to GL fans, and lo and behold, the crew of the SS Enterprise stumbles upon them. Without giving away too much, the rings find their appropriate hosts and, joined by other GL fan favorites, they fight against the forces of evil! Oh, and Hal gets to sit in Kirk’s chair!

#9 Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man

Back in ’76, DC and Marvel had never crossed paths to produce a book together. That all changed when they decided to produce their first crossover ever: the treasury-sized edition of Superman vs The Amazing Spider-man. These two powerhouse front-runners met when Doc Ock and Lex Luthor escape prison together and force the heroes to cross paths. After some confusion as to the whereabouts of their respective lady friends, Spidey and Supes duke it out. The fight continues but as one would imagine, they inevitably team up to stop the forces of evil!

#8 Batman/Hellboy/Starman

When Starman goes missing, there’s only one duo you need to call: Batman and…Hellboy?! Hey, why not?! The two-issue crossover between DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics collides the Dark Knight with Big Red as they work together to rescue Starman from the clutches of evil, neo-nazis who have taken him prisoner. Although the run was very short lived, it was fun seeing Batman and Hellboy shake hands and take on a mission together.

#7 Superman v Terminator: Death to the Future

The year is 1999, Sarah Conner and her son John are in a Metropolis shopping mall when BOOM! a T-800 shows up and starts attacking everything in sight in an attempt to kill John and Sarah, future leaders of the resistance against Skynet. But fear not! Clark Kent just happen to be at the same mall and immediately begins to battle against these futuristic robots as Superman (cue music)! This fun book brings in a ton of Superman characters like Superboy, Steel, Supergirl to help change the fate of the world when by 2032 (oh no! that’s only 15 years away!) Skynet has taken over the globe!

#6 Batman/Alien

Of course Batman has to top Superman so if Supes is fighting Terminators, Batman is taking on the Xenomorphs! Set deep within the jungle, Batman is searching for a Wayne Tech Biologist when he stumbles upon a group hunting the Xenomorphs. Each side takes losses but Batman ends up fighting a Xenomorph! Like a freaking Alien! If that isn’t enough to get you to read this book, I have something even better! While in the jungle, Batman dreams of the night his parents were killed and rather than being shot, a face hugger attacks Thomas while a baby Alien bursts from Martha’s chest. Seriously people…go read it now!!! Also, NECA just released a set featuring Batman and the Xenomorph so there’s that.

#5 Joker/The Mask

P.A.R.T.Y? Cause I’m Joker! As if The Joker isn’t maniacal enough, put on the mask of Loki and you’ve got something that’s hard to put in words. The Clown Prince of Crime wears the Mask (yes…THAT mask) and get’s a lot stronger…so much so that he can beat Batman! Hilarity and chaos ensues and why shouldn’t it? Even Harley complains Joker is too far off the deep end for her in this book.

#4 TMNT and Batman

This book was awesome! Although the artwork isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the story itself should be enough to have any fan of either franchise hooked. What happens with Shredder teams up with Ra’s al Ghul and the results are insane! Spoiler Alert: Batman’s Rogue Gallery are changed into animals which reflect their personalities!
But it isn’t just about watching the Caped Crusaders and the Heroes in a Half Shell take on the Foot clan. The story has a real tear jerker moment when Batman reaches out to Raphael by revealing the story of his parent’s murder. Although we’re all a bit dead-Waynes weary, the story really resonates with Ralph and it pays off in terms of the story telling process. Get a slice of pizza and this book: You won’t regret it!

#3 The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans

These two teams have more in common than people give them credit for. They’re both full of super powered teens that are dealing with a confusing and shifting world around them. But in ’82, these two had powerhouse creative teams on both: Marvel’s X-men had the legendary Chris Claremont and DC had Marv Wolfman on the Titans. With the incredible success these two teams were seeing, the companies would have been stupid to not make a crossover. Put Claremont on the book and sprinkle on a little bit of Darkseid using the Phoenix Force and you’ve got a tale for the ages.

#2 The Amalgam Universe

What would it look like if Wolverine was fused with Batman? Storm with Wonder Woman? Captain America with Superman? The answer is the Amalgam universe! I have a deeper look at it on its own which you could find here: but just know that these mashups are nothing short of truly being awesome!

#1 DC vs. Marvel Comics

The only thing people like more than superhero teams working together is superhero teams duking it out. Then take into account publisher loyalty and fanboy zeal and we have the mid-90’s spectacle that was DC vs Marvel Comics. Each publishing universe was pitted against the other with the losing universe falling out of existence. Aquaman vs Namor! Flash vs Quicksilver! Wolverine vs Lobo! The coolest part about this whole crossover is that the winners were determined by the fans who voted for the winner of a number of battles. Despite giving clear victors, I’m sure diehard Captain America fans will never admit that Batman would win in a fight, despite the fact that he does!

Well these are my favorite intercompany crossovers! Which one is your favorite or are you most excited to read! Comment below!

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