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The Top 10 DC Storylines That Should Be On The Big Screen

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We all have a favorite graphic novel or comic book run that we completely fell in love with. Whether its from a modern creative team like Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo or a classic duo like Dennis O’Niel and Neal Adams, we came across a standalone story or series of issues that we thought stood out and, if you’re anything like me, you may have thought, “WHY ISN’T THIS A MOVIE?!”
Well, this article will cover the top 10 DC storylines I think deserve to be on the big screen! DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a discussion of how to fit these stories into the current DC continuity on screen. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

#10 Batman Year One

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is a seriously underated movie that doesn’t get its proper respect due to the unmatchable genius of its successor The Dark Knight. However, one thing that is really attractive about that film is that it spends more time on Batman’s origins than we are accustomed to seeing. In 1987, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli teamed up to write this amazing take on Bruce Wayne’s first year as Batman. He isn’t the well-oiled machine we expect him to be and that’s what makes this story great. We have seen the Wayne’s get killed several times on the big screen as well as some of Bruce’s training, but then there’s always a jump to a Batman who’s been around for some time. It would be extremely refreshing to see a Batman who is just learning, making mistakes, but ultimately comes out on top at the end. Not to mention that scene where he interrupts the dinner party!

#9 Flashpoint

Geoff Johns tells fantastic stories and I’m very excited about his involvement in the DCEU. Naturally, this list would contain at least ONE Geoff Johns story arc. Now, I know The Flash TV show gave us Flashpoint but it was only ONE episode!?!? I mean, this story definitely deserves to be fleshed out and really would ease a lot of viewers into the whole multiverse thing with Flash traveling to the past and creating alternate realities. I think Thomas Wayne as Batman would be enough to get people behind this movie but slap an R-rating on this film and show the brutality of (SPOILERS!) Wonder Woman killing Aquaman and the audience would go crazy!

#8 Superman: Red Son

Speaking of alternative realities, if Warner Bros. Pictures would ever want to bend the minds of their viewers (don’t worry WB, we can take it!) they should make Superman: Red Son! Imagine what would happen if the Man of Steel had crashed in Soviet Russia instead of Smallville, Kansas! Then, throw in Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor, all Russianed out and we have at least a 2 hour, jaw dropping film that would knock the comic book genre on it’s side if for nothing else, for having the guts to make a film that far out there from what casual fans know.

#7 Jack Kirby’s New Gods

This next one actually might be a possibility. Jack Kirby moved to DC from Marvel after some nasty business with the company involving Stan Lee. However, he didn’t just pick up books other people were writing. Instead, he created the New Gods. Orian, Big Barda, and of course Darkseid were front and center in this galactic scale sci-fi ride written and drawn by Kirby. Just to be able to see something on this scale in a DC film would be amazing. Green Lantern took us to Oa but, come on, that was in the Green Lantern movie. And although we’ll eventually see Darkseid in the DCEU, it would be cool to get a full-fledged movie addressing the New Gods and Apokalypse.

#6 Kingdom Come

This one was a tough one to add to the list because, despite how relevant and impactful the plot of this story is, it would be hard to match the amazing visuals that Alex Ross produced for this book. Nevertheless, seeing future, aged versions of the JL joined together with second or third generation heroes and villains struggling for stability in a world that is anything but makes for a strong and compelling storyline that would speak volumes to some of the same issues we face today. Art, after all, always imitates life.

#5 Crisis on Infinite Earths

This massive event mid-80’s story by Marv Wolfman and George Perez rectified many of the continuity errors in the DC universe. All of existence is threatened by the Anit-Monitor, a powerful being bent on ending the Multiverse takes on the entire DC universe and that alone is enough for any fan to want to see it on the big screen. Marvel’s Infinity War is definitely going to be unmatched in terms of the sheer number of fan-favorite characters appearing in a single comic book movie but Crisis on Infinite Earths could definite be used as DC’s rebuttal after they presumably take on Darkseid in the 2nd Justice League film.

#4 Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Grant Morrison succeeded in fusing together the superhero genre with the unnerving aspects of the horror genre. In this book, Batman travels throughout Arkham Assylum in an attempt to find out if he is actually insane. He comes across almost his entire Rogue’s gallery but it is the deep psychological horror of this book that I think would allow DC to traverse new terrain and give us a horror superhero film with the guaranteed audience that would come see it just because it’s a Batman film.

# 3 Batman The Court of Owls

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo crafted one of the finest Batman runs in recent history, none more memorable than the Court of Owls. Clandestine societies, conspiracy, mystery, and BATMAN. The perfect formula where we can see more of the detective side of Batman than we had seen in the past. Plus, the movie might fix some of the Court of Owls stuff Gotham has done which has NOT been good.

#2 Wonder Woman (The 2011 Brian Azzarello Run)

The Wonder Woman movie has firmly cemented itself as the best film in the DCEU. But, being the greedy little geeks we are, we want more. Azzarello’s run featured the entire pantheon of Greek gods and First Born, one of Wonder Woman’s coolest villains that would fit perfectly on the screen. Unfortunately, the film made it pretty clear that Ares had killed all the gods so this has like 0 shot to be seen but it would still be awesome!

#1 A TIE!!!!: Batman: The Long Halloween or Under the Redhood

I know what you’re thinking. Really? A tie? YUP! A TIE! It is my honest to God opinion that The Long Halloween is the best Batman story ever told but we’re not here to argue that. Batman takes on a murder mystery featuring the organized crime families of Gotham and highlighted by a long list of his most famous Rogue’s all of which are centered around major holidays. The only thing that could compare with that would be FINALLY seeing the backstory of Jason Todd (the second Robin) being killed by the Joker and returning as a deranged killer known as The Red Hood. I actually think this is long overdue in the DCEU being that Jason has been mentioned TWICE already in BvS and again in Suicide Squad. Instant money maker for Warner Bros. and serious fan catering for old and new fans alike.

Well there’s my list. If you could pick only ONE of these to see, which one would it be? Comment below!

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