A Look Back At The Top 25 Batman Costumes Of All Time

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I'm in a great mood today, because this is the story I've been dying to write from day one. Ranking the best Batman costumes is a pretty hard to task to take on, but if you're enjoying yourself it can't be too hard. It really should be a Top 20 list, but since I just don't like the number 20 for whatever reason, I made it 25. I'm keeping this introduction pretty brief, because I can tell this is going to be a long one. Just wanted to state that I love all of them a great deal, I didn't include any that I didn't like so you won't find any Adam West costumes or Bat-nipple suits on this list (Thanks alot for that by the way, Joel Schumacher).

25. Injustice 

Credit: GameSpot

It just looks cool.

24. Year Two

Credit: Some guy on Pinterest 

While the story as a whole was very underwhelming, McFarlane's art really thrives and puts his best ridiculously large capes on display with nobody caring about the logistics because they look so damn fine.

23. The Killing Joke 

Credit: Comics Allience

This is actually for the recolored edition. The missing yellow circle and the slight, outward pointing ears on the cowl are clear references to the classic costume.

22. Year One 

Credit: DC Wiki

Not really a fan of a skinnier looking Batman but, I'll make a rare exception here.

21. The Dark Knight Returns ( Book I,II)

Credit: MoviePilot

This works for the same reasons the other suit in this story works (which are mentioned later).

20. Superman: Red Son

Credit: Pikabu

I know it's just a regular costume outside of the Russian hat and the over coat with the logo on it, regardless, I love it. 

19. Batman Inc. 

Credit: Batman on Film

Grant Morrison's story produced a memorable costume, I wouldn't call it a classic, but it's definitely got some well deserved appeal. 

18. Batman Beyond 

Credit: Nevsepic

This is pretty much the only good looking costume where he actually looks like a Bat (see Stan Lee's awful Batman story for proof).

17. Sam Kieth's Batman

Credit: DC Wiki

Not really anything special costume wise, just a couple of slight variations from your garden variety Bat-costume. But he's one of my favorite artists so his renderings got him on this list.

16. Bat-God

Credit: Know Your Meme

This one was originally planned because of it's significance as "that time Batman became God", but upon examining it, it is a pretty great costume, and actually lives up to the "BatGod" name.

15. Knightmare Batman

Credit: CinemaBlend 

Even though this is also in Batman V. Superman, I'm counting Batfleck's "normal" costume seperately.     

14. Neal Adams Batman 

Credit: Amazon

Undisputed, beautiful, classic.

13. The Last Arkham 

Credit: Wordpress/yuoamantalks

Okay, so even though this is basically identical to the Neal Adam's costume, I love Norm Breyfogle's work and I needed to get him on here. This story in general is a very under-the-radar classic. 

12. Hush 

Credit: Amino Apps

The great Jim Lee draws quite a Batman, so this shouldn't be a surprise. Another simple beauty.

11. Rebirth
Credit: DC Comics

Rebirth's costume is pretty simple and for me the logo outlined with gold was an acquired taste. However, the purple lining of the cape was a great way to subtly sneak a third color into the color scheme.  

10. Batman (1989)

Credit: YouTube

This costume was so good, it kept everyone from noticing that Michael Keaton is barely over five feet tall. 

9. Bill Finger's Original

Credit: Wikipedia

I had to put the original in the top 10 to credit the great Bill Finger for creating Batman (look it up, don't feel like going into it here). Bob Kane was a pretty bad guy. Not only did he steal all the credit from Finger, but if it wasn't for Finger, Batman would have looked like this according to Kane's original sketches: 

Credit: Dial B for Blog


8. Arkham Knight

Credit: GameSpot

Very Intimidating, instant appeal. 

7. Injustice 2 Kryptonite Infused Armor

Credit: HD Wallpapers

Pretty much just a modification over the same costume in the first Injustice. I didn't like this one at first, yet here it is at 7. I guess I fell for the non-cliche placement of the kryptonite lines. They didn't overdo it like so many other "X" infused things and that was appreciated.

6. Jean Paul Valley Batman

Credit: Imgix

Have to remind everyone that we are just going by costumes here, which is literally the only reason this guy is here. Awful person, great getup. 

5. Batman V. Superman 

Credit: DCmovies.wikia

There wasn't much to like about Batman V. Superman outside of Ben Affleck's performance. To add to the great job he did (the best Batman portrayal in a movie in my mind) the suit was jaw dropping. It made this Batman the broken, dark hero that he has become at the point of the movie. He just looks really, really intimidating which is a case when an appearance is not misleading.

4. Batman Noel

Credit: Amazonaws

I first heard about Noel through the amazing statue produced by Prime1 Studio of this Batman. Very subtly making the logo attached to the cape was a good move. While I am usually not a fan of the cowl shaped like a skull, for some reason it seemed to make sense here. A great costume from a truly great story, that I implore everyone to check out around Christmas time.

3. Flashpoint

Credit: We Got This Covered

Thomas Wayne as Batman produced this incredible costume. I have loved it since I first read Flashpoint, the shoulders were a very worthwhile gamble.

2. Batman: The Animated Series 

Credit: Quora

This is the first Batman I knew when I first watched Batman: The Animated Series at 4 years old, and will be a fan always from that day.

1. The Dark Knight Returns (Book III, IV)

Credit: Nerdist

While it was hard to put a different costume above the one I had grown up seeing Batman in, this my favorite story and the greatest comic of all time (to me and many others). This simply is Batman. The minimalist logo worked in spades and proved that less is more.

Bobby Chrisafis is an aspiring Comic Artist and Writer who idolizes Batman and has always cited Frank Miller as his favorite Writer and Artist since the first time he laid down The Dark Knight Returns and realized his calling. He was euphorically happy when he finally met his hero, Mr. Miller (see profile picture). Outside of comics, he is an avid fan of the New York Yankees and Oakland Raiders. He also loves Punk Rock and listening to it way too loud.
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