A Week with the Samsung Galaxy S8

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So many things figuratively yelled at us from so many different sites and reviews from the S8 pretty much accumulate to these 6 things. I’m no phone aficionado, no technological expert, and definitely am a bit of a Galaxy S series fanboy. I’ve had the S3, the S6, and now the S8 and I’ve loved them all. 

But this one stands out even amongst the others. There’s just so many things the S8 is either capable of or will be capable of. I’ll try to break them all down here. All of them. Right here. I’ll try.

Infinity Screen

With a basic description, the infinity screen that the Galaxy S8 pioneers means that the phone uses the entire screen. It’s curved, it’s beautiful, and it’s utilized as efficiently as possible. Thus, while the screen is (for the S8 standard, not S8+) 5.8 inches, it FEELS much bigger because all of it is used seamlessly. 

Plus, the screen itself, made of Gorilla Glass 5 is strong. It’s very strong, and dropping your phone won’t have to make you scream internally while you rethink all your life decisions. The display begins at Full HD+, but can be changed to QUAD HD+.


Bixby sounds cool. Samsung is insistent that it will be the very best virtual assistant out there, but that they do need a bit more time to fully implement it. For now, the functions I’ve found it can use are the following: 

  • It can learn your schedule and send you reminders of things you usually do at a certain time. 
  • It can listen to your commands and operate behind any open apps. 
  • It can utilize the camera to find things online (point at a pair of shoes, find out where to buy them). 
  • It can even give you information about a famous location by pointing at it with the camera and choosing its location.

It’s cool, it has a lot of potential, but it is a little underwhelming right now. 


The new port the Galaxy S8 uses is a USB-C port. It’s basically a micro USB without a “side”. It’s a nice and convenient change that erases that irritating, and occasionally damaging, struggle to fit the micro USB in correctly. The supplied charger with the phone even comes with 2 adapters to turn any micro USB into a USB-C.

Retinal Scanner

The retinal scanner is a safer version of facial recognition. You register your eyes, and then glance quickly at the top of the screen and you’re in. 

It works great in ideal lighting, and well in not-so-ideal lighting. In fact, the only problems I ever have are when it’s exceptionally bright (sunlight), and I can actually see the light reflecting off the lens. 

It even worked in a dark bedroom for me, through my glasses (which I took off for the scan). I’m sure it would work with my contacts as well.

Bad Fingerprint Scanner

I’ve heard so many things about this. I don’t understand the hubbub. Yes, it’s in a slightly inconvenient place, and yes it was a bit silly to place it next to the camera. But the amount of exaggeration I’ve heard and read are ridiculous about how cumbersome it is. 

It doesn’t pose a risk to the safety of the phone, it isn’t some wildly unwieldy chasm that must be crossed by adventurous fingers. It’s just MAYBE a tad annoying to a few.

Headphone Jack

It has one.


The battery life is subjective to usage of course. Using it just for music, it can last up to 70 hours on a full charge just playing music and around 12 hours utilizing its 4G to the fullest.


Free Netflix subscription for 6 months. Free headphones valued at $99 (they’re very good for headphones doled out for free). A free stand and a free 64GB SD card, essentially doubling the storage space.


Samsung’s usual amazing features are all still here of course. In fact, even better than the S6 and S7, the SD card is removable again, making the phone more manageable for those that somehow surpass the initial memory space. 

The phone is incredibly customizable, as Android phones tend to be. Don’t like the layout? Change it. Don’t like the buttons or how the screen looks? Adjust it to your preference. 

An installed blue light filter makes the phone easier on the eyes, a side swipe bar allows any apps, contacts, and photo manipulation things you might want in easy access at all times.

For Android veterans, there isn’t much more that’s new, but all old features are up to date. It’s more waterproof, more shatterproof, nicer looking, faster, and smoother.

Highly recommended, for both Android lovers and iPhone pawns alike.

Do you have the S8? Are you thinking of getting one? Let me know in the comments.

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