Can The Nintendo Switch Be The Most Innovative Gaming Console Ever Made?

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Nintendo is the king of innovation. Among the 3 major console platforms (Nintendo, XBOX, Playstation) Nintendo focuses on reimagining their systems consistently, as opposed to their competitors’ intense focus improving fps, frame rates, and graphics. This thought process has led to the creation of the Wii, the Nintendo 3DS, the Wii U, and now the Nintendo Switch. 

The Switch is best identified as the final version of the prototype that is the Wii U. In Nintendo’s presentation on January 13, they revealed the Switch’s specs, price, capabilities, and expected titles. With a competitive price of $300 USD, half a dozen wildly popular gaming icons are lined up in a roster of soon to be released games (such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a sandbox Mario game, Mario Kart, and even Minecraft). 

While the price and game options are certainly intriguing, the true appeal in the Switch lies in its goal: portable gaming. Attempting to do what the Wii U never managed to, the Switch is going to move. From the couch to the bedroom to your school club to your friends’ houses, the Switch is portable. It has a 6.2 inch, 720p display and 32GB of memory (expandable through microSD cards) and with a projected 6-hour battery life, you’ll even be able to play on the way to those places. 

It’s this very portability which Nintendo hopes will let them compete with and hopefully exceed the Playstation 4 and XBOX One. 

See, the Switch looks a lot like the Wii U in size and shape. However, the sides of the device, called Joy-cons, are easily detachable and re-attachable. Want to play with a friend? Pop 'em off, toss one to him/her, and start playing. Want to beat one last level before going to your friend’s house and playing Splatoon? Turn it on and play on the way there. When you get there, you just plug it into their TV, and you’re back to your bona fide console gaming experience immediately. 

If you want to have a big gaming get together, up to 8 Switch consoles can be connected locally. Though the online service will be free initially, Nintendo will eventually charge, but players will also be able to temporarily download and play NES or SNES games for a free month at a time. 

The Joy-Cons themselves are pretty phenomenal as well considering how much is included in each one. The details include: standard base buttons (A, B, X, Y), joysticks, trigger buttons, motion cameras for AR (Augmented Reality), and even a capture button to screenshot any awesome stills you can. 

Overall, the Nintendo Switch has what the Wii U had at release. A ton of potential and many naysayers. What Nintendo didn’t have then is a better understanding of what consumers wanted beyond the basic gimmicks. They wanted usability and games, and with dozens of already announced games in the works, the Switch has a chance. Hopefully this time Nintendo has learned from its mistake with the complete failure of the Wii U and fully explores what an impressive portable console could achieve.

What do you think, has Nintendo learned from their past mistakes or are they bound to repeat them? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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