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BBC Is Out For Blood as Dracula Meets London Streets

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Credit: Villains Wiki

Sherlock fans beware, a new monster is terrorizing the streets, and he's out for blood. The BBC has just announced that Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis will be working on a script for Dracula

In this iteration of Bram Stoker’s popular 1897 novel, the titular king of the vampires will be moving from his home in Transylvania to jolly good England.

When asked about the production by Radiotimes writer Ben Dowell, a production source stated.

“It’s not yet been decided if it will be historical or modern day or if there will be a US co-producer but the BBC are keen on this and it will happen. What needs to be decided is how many episodes – whether there are three or five or six or whatever but they will definitely be 90-minute films.”

Seeing as how production is still very early, we can't expect to see this show any time soon. With the script on hiatus until Moffat and Gattis finish working in their solo projects. 

I've got a soft spot for vampires, and I'm hoping this project can live up to the expectations of other classic Dracula fans. Let's just hope this vamp doesn't sparkle in the moonlight.

Do you think Moffat and Gattis could do Dracula justice? Will you be tuning in? Let me know in the comments.

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