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10 Scenes from OITNB Season 5 We'll Never Forget

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It’s been almost two weeks since the fifth season of OITNB was released on Netflix, and most fans here have probably already binged watched it, but if you haven't, please proceed with caution.


Now that that is done, this article will talk about the 10 most moving and powerful moments from this season, and arguably the most intense scenes of the entire show. 

Three days, one prison riot in Litchfield, and several scenes that made us think or brought tears to our eyes.

1. Taystee decides to make her own speech

Judy King was originally the one who was supposed to deliver a speech about the mistreatments endured by the inmates of Litchfield, as it was thought that she was more likely to be listened to by the media because she was famous and… white. 

But Taystee had a change of heart in the last minute and decided that she was the one who was going to make the speech, and she was right to do so. Her personal involvment in the situation, the strength of her friendship with late Poussey, and her personal experience with racism made the speech genuine and sincere, her emotion served the message in a powerful manner.

Why it was powerful: Strong women advocating for themselves

2. SoSo’s tribute to Poussey

The idea of creating an original library couldn’t be more relevant to honour someone who loved books as much as Poussey. It was definitely a meaningful and poetic thing to do. It’s another proof that Litchfield’s inmates are resilient and creative in the face of adversity.

Message: Loving someone means showing appreciation to their interests and their personality.

3. Gloria speaks to her son Benny on the phone before his surgery

This scene made me shed a few tears. As her son Benny is about to be taken to the OR to undergo major surgery, Gloria encourages him to fight for his life and tells him all the love that she feels for him. She speaks with a mother’s heart while overwhelmed with emotion. It was a very moving moment.

Why it was heart-breaking : One can never say I love you too much.

4. Daya makes a decison regarding her daughter Armaria’s future

Before turning herself in for shooting CO Humps, Daya makes a life-changing phone call. When talking to Pornstache’s mother Delia Powell, she decides not only to reveal her the truth about baby Armaria, but also to give her full responsibility of raising her. She even gives her a few very personal pieces of advices about what she would like for her daughter’s upbringing. This had to be a very hard decision to take, but Daya managed to do it very gracefully.

Why it was so moving : Loving your child is doing what’s best for them, regardless of how hard it is.

5. Maritza says goodbye to Flaca

In the final episode, the inmates are to be taken to an unknown destination after the riot comes to an end. Maritza and Flaca soon realize that they aren’t going to be seated in the same bus, and have no idea of how long they will end up being separated. Maritza turns to a crying Flaca and makes the best declaration that a friend can possibly hear: "I love you."

Why it was powerful: Friendship is just a different form of love.

6. Piper proposes to Alex

Knowing how tumultuous the relationship between Alex and Piper has always been, this proposal sure came as a surprise at this point of the story. In a very personal and moving proposal, Piper manged to ask the life-changing question in a beautiful manner, and Alex then said yes.This scene isn’t cheesy in the least, but proposals are still particularly emotional affairs.

Why it was beautiful: Love can flourish even under the hardest circumstances.

7. Susan wants to go to heaven

After two days without her usual prescribed medications, Susan’s mental health quickly deteriorates, and her behaviour quickly gets out of hand. The fact that she was also grieving Poussey sure made things even harder. In this scene, she is seen removing her room’s ceiling while praying vigourously to be accepted in heaven. This scene wonderfully interprets that mental ailments come with a great deal of emotional pain.

The message: Emotional pain hurts more than any physical wound.

8. Piscatella’s backstory

There is a substantial chance that every single OITNB fan who watched season 5 this month hated Piscatella’s guts for good reasons (I certainly did). But this season also gave us the opportunity to discover his backstory, and to realize that when he got his first job as a CO, Piscatella was actually a timid sweet-heart. We get to discover him having a romantic secret love story with a younger inmate. His lover’s horrible fate changed him for the worst, and we could witness the exact moment that made him snap.

What it showed us: A single event can change a person forever.

9. Lorna finds out that she is really pregnant

After two episodes of carefully avoiding pregnancy tests, Lorna finally decided that she needs to know for sure… only to find out that the pregnancy wasn’t something that she had imagined. Still unsure about the results, she turned to her friend Nichols, who assured her that she was indeed pregnant, and that everything was going to be fine (While using her usual humor and sincerity).

The message: When an unexpected event happens, moral support from a loved one is of utmost importance.

10. Red decides not to hurt Piscatella

After having spent a good amount of time imagining creative ways to make him suffer, Red begrudgingly decides no to hurt Piscatella and let the authorities deal with him later. She was once again our favorite cook as we like to see her: both strong and fundamentally good.

What it meant: Wise people know that revenge just makes the torment last longer.

What was your favorite scene from season 5? Let me know in the comments!

Anne is a 28 year old French woman living in Marseille. She is an enthusiastic cinephile who also enjoys writing and learning about foreign cultures.
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