A Breakdown Of The Most Iconic Weapons From The Walking Dead Show

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 Adam O'Brien / 12.20.16 - 1:00PM EST

As a post-apocalyptic survival horror, The Walking Dead has become known over the last half-decade for its violent nature. With each episode, our heroes are forced into battle – be it with hordes of the undead or an even more frightening adversary, the living – and after a certain point, each encounter needs to be taken up a notch to show growth in our survivors. 

After years of settling into life after the outbreak, Rick and co. still manage to find innovative ways of shifting the odds in their favor. Some have even found ways of overcoming their foes that have now become iconic to the show, and only serve to add to the personality of their character. Here are the ten most iconic zombie-killing machines from over six seasons of The Walking Dead.

10. Tyreese’s Hammer

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

Not many characters on the sidelines have shown all that much interest in a single melee weapon, but from start to finish, Tyreese’s skill set with a hammer was undeniable. 

This is evident in Season 4’s “Isolation” when, out on a supply run with Daryl, Michonne and Bob, Tyreese gets surrounded by walkers and left for dead due to the impossibility of his survival. However, using his trusty hammer, Tyreese miraculously emerged from his impending doom to fight another day, leaving the audience – and his friends – in awe of how he managed to escape.

9. The Governor’s Tank

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

It may have only been used on one occasion – perhaps unsuccessfully at that – but The Governor’s army tank shook the foundation of The Walking Dead more than most other weapons on the show.

Commanded by one of The Governor’s new frontmen on his last stand against Rick, the tank brought our heroes’ lives crumbling down, along with the safety of the prison gates that had previously given them sanctuary amidst the ruthlessness of the apocalypse – forcing them back out on the road.

8. Rick’s Hatchet

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

The use of Rick’s hatchet has been a little less on-the-nose in comparison to a lot of other weapons on this list, but its significance in some of the biggest moments of the series is undeniable when placed into perspective. 

The hatchet was a key component in Rick’s degradation following Lori’s death in Season 3, as he used it to go on a tear within the prison when he couldn’t come to terms with his wife’s passing. 

More recently, his hatchet has been used as a symbol of Negan’s power of Rick, when he almost forced the man to sever his son’s own arm in the Season 7 premiere, only letting up when Negan saw that he’d truly, and finally, broken Rick.

7. Carol’s Trench Knife

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

Carol’s primary weapon of choice perfectly accentuates her role as the soft-spoken, albeit extremely dangerous homemaker character that she has fallen into since first arriving in Alexandria. 

She plays the harmless old lady role magnificently – appearing as someone on the sidelines without any notion of how things work, when in reality she’s never been one to shy away when a decision needs to be made, proving this when she took it upon herself to stab and burn Karen and David in Season 4. Her knife acts as a reminder that though she may seem gentle, she’s a hardened survivor on the inside.

6. Morgan’s Staff

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

Morgan’s reintroduction to The Walking Dead at the culmination of the show’s sixth season saw him adopt a new weapon into his arsenal in a wooden staff, also known as a bo. 

After learning the ways of Akido, Morgan did away with the remorseless killing ways that plagued his psyche following the death of his son, and used his newfound respect for human life to stay on the path to survival. 

The bo staff, a humble yet incredibly powerful weapon in the right hands, perfectly complemented this new outlook and gave Morgan a sense of uniqueness that made him a pivotal member of the group when he and Rick finally reunited.

5. Merle’s Hand Bayonet

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

Perhaps the most innovative weapon in The Walking Dead history, the bayonet in place of Merle’s right appendage – which he was forced to personally sever when the group left him handcuffed on a rooftop – was the redneck’s ingenious way of playing the hand he was dealt by the apocalypse. 

Instead of putting up with the disadvantage of having only one hand, Merle fashioned a replacement in the form of a sharp blade that made him a threat to anybody he came into close quarters with.

4. Daryl’s Crossbow

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

Nothing complements Daryl’s silent, albeit tough-as-nails demeanor quite like his trusty crossbow. As a hunter and a tracker prior to the apocalypse, Daryl had what could be described as a simple transition once the outbreak got underway. 

Being able to traverse any and all environments without much fear of alerting a nearby horde of walkers, and ever since his debut in Season One’s “Tell it to the Frogs”, his crossbow has accentuated that cautious nature to the group’s aid on many occasions.

3. Rick’s Colt Python

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

Rick’s Colt Python has been a staple of The Walking Dead ever since the opening scene of the series, where Officer Grimes was forced to shoot a little girl who’d turned into a walker. 

Since then, the gun has been passed around a number of times – being used by Daryl and Michonne to put down Dale and Andrea respectively, and having resided with one of the saviors for the opening half of Season 7 - but it’s always been Rick’s most iconic weapon of choice. 

Moments like Rick having to shoot Sophia as she emerged from the barn in Season 2, and having to kill living people for the very first time in the following episode are just a handful of moments that make the protagonist’s Colt Python one of the series’ most iconic weapons to date.

2. Michonne’s Katana

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

If there’s anything to note over the last six years of The Walking Dead, it’s that when it comes to fending off hordes of zombies, a Katana is usually your best bet for a clean kill. 

Michonne has decapitated dozens, maybe even hundreds of walkers with the greatest of ease since her introduction in Season 3, all thanks to her sword which she possesses innate skill with. 

That said, it’s not just the undead that have suffered at Michonne’s hand. Namely, The Governor’s reign of tyranny over our heroes in the prison was brought to an end when Michonne saved Rick by plunging her sword through the man’s chest, rendering him finally defeated.

1. Lucille

Source: Walking Dead Wiki 

No weapon in The Walking Dead has made as big of an impression in such a short period of time like Lucille has. 

For starters, this baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire is the only weapon on this list to have been given a unique identity by its wielder, with Negan often referring to the bat as his “girl”. Pair this with the fact that Negan utilized his instrument of destruction to brutally bludgeon fan favorites Glenn and Abraham in his very first appearance, and it’s not hard to see why Lucille is already the single most intimidating weapon on the show. 

Aside from the obvious violent connotations that she represents, Lucille has also often been used to display Negan’s power over Alexandria, given that he’s had both Rick and Carl carry the bat around and take care of it, knowing all the while that they won’t turn and use it on him instead.

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