'The Walking Dead' Boot-Wearing Spy Theories Are All Wrong

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By: Adam O'Brien / 12.19.16 - 1:00PM EST

** This post may contain spoilers! **

The first half of The Walking Dead’s seventh season has come and gone, confirming everyone’s hopes that Rick would finally get his edge back and start planning for a fight against the Saviors.

With Daryl back to safety and Maggie all healed up and use Glenn’s death to take control of The Hilltop, the deaths of the midseason finale were more than made up for by the hopeful nature of the parting scene.

That said, we still have to wait until February to see what’s next, which means three whole months until we get answers to the most pressing question of the episode; who the hell is spying on Alexandria? 

There’s somebody getting a little too nosy, and all we have to work with so far are a pair of boots and a pair of binoculars. There's been numerous theories as to who it may be. Let’s take a look at some of the top theories and explain why it's most likely not them.

The top theory as to who the mystery man may be, is easily Dwight. Many fans have been referring to his story arc in the comic as well as his suspicious absence from the finale as primary reasons for their claim. 

Both are certainly good reasons supporting why the mystery man may be Dwight, but there's also a lot of evidence that supports the contrary.

First off, Robert Kirkman was asked about the spy during Sunday’s post-finale Talking Dead. “I really wish I could tell you,” he said. “All I can say is, those boots, you definitely recognize those from earlier, they’re connected to that boat scene. If it were in fact Dwight, I doubt Kirkman would explicitly say that the boots are connected to the boat. 

Furthermore, there's been a ton of analysis of Dwight's and just about everyone else's boots on the show (you can read about it here) that seem to prove that the boots do not in fact belong to Dwight. Lastly, why would Dwight need to follow Rick and Aaron back to Alexandria? He already knows exactly where it is and has been there before. It just doesn't add up.

Cyndie or Someone Else From Oceanside
Another top theory is that it's Cyndie or someone else from Oceanside. Although Tara made a promise to Cyndie that she would never speak a word of what she found on her travels - in order to protect what remains of the group from Negan – many point to the fact that the inhabitants of the beach-based establishment had every intention of killing Tara to ensure their safety in solitude as a reason for them to snoop around Alexandria.

There's a few issues with this theory. One - the members of the Oceanside community made it abundantly clear that their primary goal is to stay alive and as far away from Negan as possible. Why risk running into Negan or his men simply to scope out Alexandria? 

Two - if it were Cindy, she most likely would have tracked Tara directly to Alexandria rather than dealing with tracking Rick and Aaron from a random houseboat. 

Three - we got a good look at most of the Oceanside members' attire and none of them seemed to be wearing boots that are even close to looking like the ones from the finale.

The Whisperers
Many fans are hoping that the mystery person at the end of the finale is our first glimpse of the next big foe from the comic, The Whisperers. Unfortunately, I think this one is relatively easy to dismiss, for a few reasons. 

As fans of the comic may know, the Whisperers are known for one very unique trait. They wear zombie skin over their faces and bodies as disguises. If you look back at the final scene of the midseason finale, it's clear that the person with the binoculars doesn't seem to be wearing any zombie skin at all. 

In addition, The Whisperers don't appear until later in the comic. I know the show has messed with the comic timeline in the past, but considering we're not anywhere near a conclusion to the Negan storyline, I don't see the show introducing a new adversary just yet.

As to who I think the mystery person COULD be, my vote is for:

"Brion" / Magna
A few months back the Walking Dead producers held a casting call for a character called "Brion". The call mentions that either a male or female can take the role, but the intriguing thing about this is the description of the character, "an educated, poker-faced leader." 

Brion doesn't exist in the comic...but a character with similar traits to the ones described does and Rick's crew actually encounters this person 3 issues prior to them running into The Whisperers. 

That person is Magna, a female tough-as-nails leader of a small group of survivors in Washington, D.C. discovered by Jesus. The fact that the casting call is for either male or female, may lend credence to the fact that Brion is actually the live-action version of Magna. 

The producers have proven that they are not afraid to deviate from character profiles in the comic and the timing matches up well with the time Rick's crew meets Magna in the comic. You can read more about Magna's comic character here

What do you think? Is the mystery boot person Magna? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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