The Walking Dead Midseason Finale: Questions We Need Answered

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This post may contain spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8, so just be warned of that before you read any further.

After what's been a slow-burning tale since we bid farewell to Glenn and Abraham, the showrunners are going to want to deliver an episode that leaves viewers chomping at the bit for more. 

As such, some overbearing questions will need be put to rest before our beloved characters can start to move onto the inevitable war that lies ahead.

Has Rick really submitted to Negan?

The biggest question mark to emerge from the season thus far is surrounding Rick's submission to the Saviors. After seeing his friends viciously bludgeoned in the premiere, it's no wonder why Rick would promise to provide for Negan in exchange for the health and safety of his remaining group. 

That said, with the amount of people on Rick's side who don't agree with the decision to sit back and take whatever devastation Negan dishes out, surely something is going to happen in order to wake up that menace in Rick's psyche that allowed him to bite a man's throat out.

That is the Rick Grimes we know and love, and as avid fans of the series, we have to expect that this no-nonsense, callous survival machine is going to rear his head again before long.

Will certain individuals threaten the group's safety?

There is a distinct divide amongst the people of Alexandria, and given the severity of Negan's past actions, any further disregard for the rules is likely going to put more lives at risk. At present, Michonne, Rosita, Sasha, Daryl, Carl and even Spencer are all challenging the natural order.

Michonne has ordered a Savior at gunpoint to take her to Negan, Rosita has enlisted the help of Eugene to manufacture a bullet, and Sasha gave Jesus a mission to find out where the Sanctuary is. Even Carl went on a journey to personally assassinate Negan, all while Rick had been none the wiser.

Spencer is shaking things up in a different way, instead blaming the group's trouble on Rick and attempting to manipulate others into thinking the same way. If he's not careful, Spencer might find himself on the receiving end of his own punishment as a direct result of his insubordination.

Who gifted Daryl the key?

At the end of 'Sing Me A Song', a note was slid under Daryl's cell door. The paper read, "GO NOW", and had a match and motorcycle key taped to the back. At this point there a rumors abound of who the gift giver could actually be. Did Jesus manage to sneak his way to Daryl's cell? Was it Sherry? Is Dwight finally starting to have a change of heart? Hopefully we find out soon. For the record, my money is on Dwight. 

Although his escape from The Sanctuary would be great for Dixon himself, how is Negan going to respond when he finds out that his best source of leverage over Rick is gone? The answer: violently.

When will the communities converge to take down the Saviors?

A common theme this season has been the amount of time devoted to each community \xe2\x80\x93 some under the thumb of Negan's wrath and others struggling to cope after dealing with the Saviors. We have been up close and personal with Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, Oceanside and, of course, The Sanctuary, and that can't be for nothing.

It's obvious that none of these communities have the numbers to go after Negan's fortress alone, but together is a different story. With just how separated everything has been up to this point, surely the remainder of the season has to be devoted to establishing stronger connections between each of these communities to challenge Negan.

If we can get some sort of hint that maybe these groups will be converging in the mid-season finale, it'll get a lot of people pumped for the inevitable war that lies ahead.

Who's next to kick the bucket?

For those who haven't read the comics, 'Sing Me a Song' was almost identical to The Walking Dead Issue 111. What the episode didn't have, that the comic did, was a major character death. I won't spoil it, but some of you may already know who kicked the bucket. Furthermore, the previews for the midseason finale seem to hint at a major character death. 

That being said, we have already seen that the show is not afraid to take major detours from the comic, which leaves the door open for a plot twist. Someone is certainly dying though...who do you think it will be?

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