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7 Ways American Horror Story Might Revisit Freak Show

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Last years American Horror Story season theme had remained secret until the very last minute...far too long for the fans liking. This year we do have more informations about the upcoming story, but there is still a lot of mystery left. The Presidential election of 2016 will have a central place, and references to season 4 will abound. That is all we know so far. 

The following theories are based on what we already know, and what we would like to see on screen in two months.

1. Edward Mordrake might come back to claim another freak

We know that this season will have a link with the 2016 Presidential election and also that references to Season 4 are to be expected. If AHS Freak Show taught us anything, it’s that there are varieties of ways to be a freak. According to Mordrake’s sense of moral, a corrupted politician or an overzealous sympathizer could very well be considered a monster. In the same manner, a political speech can be considered as a show if it is not sincere. As Halloween 2016 was during the electoral campaign, Edward Mordrake’s intervention could be an option in this storyline.

2. We may find out what happened to Stanley

The penultimate episode of Freak Show showed Stanley’s unfortunate (and well deserved) fate. In a smart reference to Tod Browning’s movie Freaks (1932), he was shown seriously mutilated and kept in a cage. Dandy didn’t bother shooting him like the other members of the troupe, which can make us think that his storyline may not be over yet. We may get to see a flashback of Stanley’s youth, or even find out how his life ultimately ended.

3. Jimmy and Dot’s child may be a main character

Because even seasoned horror show buffs sometimes like a happy ending, we were glad to see that Jimmy and the Tattler sisters had found happiness together. The happy ménage-à-tois appeared at the end of season’s 4 last episode, and the sisters were heavily pregnant with Jimmy’s baby. As season 7’s story will be set in 2016, we can imagine a character in his/her fifties having a central role to play in the events, and whose name would be Darling.

4. Twisty the Clown could have a copycat

It is a known fact that serial killer wannabes often seek their morbid inspiration in the gruesome deeds committed by other serial killers. Murder being a recurrent theme in AHS, it seems likely that season 7’s killer will be Twisty ’s copycat. Evan Peters actually appeared with bright blue hair on one of the upcoming season’s posters, and unusual hair colors are a traditional characteristic of clowns. Brace yourself if you have coulrophobia.

5. There could be references to Elsa Mars

As Elsa Mars ended up being a famous TV show host and singer after leaving her Freak Show years behind her, there could be subtle references to her or to her unique style in conversations between the new characters .

6. A scene could be set in a familial setting

Freak Show presented several intriguing places. We can imagine characters visiting the macabre museum of horrors in Philadelphia (inspired by the Mutter Museum), or a family living in what used to be the Motts’ mansion.

7. Some dead characters may appear again as ghosts

Many emblematic AHS characters from all seasons have already left the world of the living, only to keep on interacting with them. So seeing ghosts in season 7 doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility, and who wouldn’t appreciate a good piece of advice provided by Ethel Darling? Or a good one liner delivered by Amazon Eve?

What do you think might happen in season 7? Let me know in the comments below!

Anne is a 28 year old French woman living in Marseille. She is an enthusiastic cinephile who also enjoys writing and learning about foreign cultures.
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