How to Make Someone's Day

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Have you ever told someone they had nice hair sand saw their face light up with excitement? Maybe someone complimented your shoes that you recently just bought and it made you smile wider than the Grinch trying to spoil Christmas. 

Whether you know it or not, compliments can really make a difference in someone's day.

I honestly never believed this phenomenon until I started college in 2014. I had just completed a performance in front of my all my friends and colleagues.

It was my first time ever playing solo in front of such a large audience and I was probably the most nervous in my life up to that point. I had no idea what my friends would think, let alone the people I barely knew, along with some professors.

In utter awe, I was completely surprised with the sheer amount of genuine honesty and kindness from the audience members who caught me in the lobby after the performance. 

Obviously your friends are going to say great things, but what got me was the amount of people I didn't know too well who complimented me. Their compliments are what made me feel really good about my performance. They didn’t have to but they did, and that is what made it special.  

Sometimes compliments do not make as big of an impact as we think, but that's okay. I urge people to continue to say kind remarks to others in order to find the people it does affect. 

Recently I was partially responsible for an activity my club participated in called “Kindness Rocks.” Essentially we all painted rocks a solid color, allowed them to dry and then wrote a kind message on them. 

Some examples include “You’re the Best,” “You Matter,” "You are Enough,” “Love Never Ends” and “Believe.” 

Now that we had a bunch of rocks with inspirational words or quotes on them, we spread them around our campus for other people to find and hopefully make their day a little better. 

All we needed was ONE person to find ONE rock and our efforts would have been justified because we would have made a difference.

During that next week our rocks starting popping up on Instagram and Facebook with people thanking the mysterious rock artists. Our art department was also very impressed by our idea.

My mom always tells me, “You never know what someone else is going through.” Maybe they are at a very low point in their life (for whatever reason), and a rock with a couple kind words might make all the difference.

Next time you're out, go compliment someone. Anyone. You never know how much it could mean to them.

Chris is a college student who loves all types of music as well as culture trends. He spends his days practicing his clarinet and consuming content from all platforms. He is addicted to coffee and only wants the truth and nothing but the truth to be spread into the world.
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