What EXACTLY is Net Neutrality?

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Coming onto social media last week, you probably saw a lot of tweets with "#NetNeutralityDay", but do you know what Net Neutrality actually is?​

Net Neutrality: The idea (put simply) that every website, big or small, runs without control or limitations from our Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

Every website receives the same service. This leaves the internet in our hands: the common folk, the users, even the trolls. 

Yet big cable providers, such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable, want to end this. With their appeal to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to END Net Neutrality, these corrupt companies hope to eliminate this restriction. 

This will give them the freedom to charge any website or company fees for faster service. Once free websites are now forced to charge their consumers in order to stay alive. 

As these companies charge websites like Reddit, Facebook, and Vimeo to not slow down their connections, the websites will be forced to charge their consumers in order to not drown in fees. Startups would struggle even more to get up and running, swallowed by expenses that even larger companies struggle with. 

Online gaming would now cost exorbitant amounts. Even disregarding the fees and slower connection, the end of net neutrality means the end of our internet freedom. 

In a world in which internet is now considered a necessity, this means that a few overbearing companies now have COMPLETE CONTROL over this necessity. 

To stop these big cable companies from impeding and disrupting our freedom, we need to band together. Here are just some of the major companies that need help preserving this right: 

  • Fight for the Future 
  • The Center for Media Justice 
  • Freepress 
  • Demand Progress 
  • Github
  • Etsy 
  • Kickstarter 
  • Netflix 
  • Twitter 
  • Vimeo 
  • Internet Association 
  • Private Internet Access 
  • Reddit 
  • Y Combinator 
  • Mozilla 
  • EFF 
  • OKCupid 
  • 99Designs 
  • AALL
  • Accessnow 
  • ACLU 
  • Discord 
  • Automattic
  • Facebook 
  • Google

Please, join us all and help support the existence of Net Neutrality by going to the following website and showing your support with them.​

Together we can ensure that this now necessary freedom stays free.
Sasha's given name is actually Aleksander. His main interests are gaming, manga, anime, cooking, and Japanese pop culture. He's a Psychology major and English minor and head of the largest Sci-Fi/Anime club at Queens College. He's been writing semi-regularly since the age of 13 and can't wait to write more.
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