Hypebeast Alert: You Won't Believe What He Did With These Supreme Metro Cards

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If you’re a hypebeast, sneaker head or streetwear fanatic, then you're no stranger to Supreme. On February 20th, as part of their SS17 collection, the brand partnered up with MTA NYC Transit to create Supreme branded Metrocards that “dropped” at various train stations around the city. 

Supreme is not unfamiliar with novelty items. Their SS11 collection included a small plastic water pistol and in FW15, they had a set of Baoding balls, Chinese meditation balls intended to improve hand muscle strength.

At the end of last year, Supreme revealed its most absurd product yet; a brick. Easily broken and completely useless on its own, the brick retailed for $30 and resold on eBay for up to $1000. Reasons for creating this item remain unclear but one thing holds true; bizarre drops are just their thing.

Which brings us back to the MetroCards. After NYCT Subway tweeted which stations will be carrying the cards, mayhem descended upon the innocent passersby. Hoards of people showed up at fruitful stations and lines were long for a product that functions no differently than the original. Since Supreme MetroCards were hidden among regular MetroCards, it was a game of chance to snatch one. Regardless, some Supreme seekers were successful in their search and many obtained more than one.

Like this guy. Known as @thebrichaus on Instagram, he got his hands on 30 (!!) MetroCards and put his own spin on some of them, creating a customized Supreme piece. He glued together twelve cards, painted on the logo, and voila; un grand Supreme MetroCard.

​When asked why, @thebrichaus says he understands Supreme’s cult following and the brand’s ability to create such high demand for its limited products. With his MetroCard out of MetroCards, he tries to make an ironic statement towards those who obsess over these overly hyped items. “At the end of the day”, he says “they’re just MetroCards”. 

What he respects and admires about Supreme, though, is its ability to control a market with just its logo. He calls it the “number one brand for stuff you don’t need” but you still want it, solely because of those 7 letters.

Alice Li
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