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10 Subreddits You Need to be Following

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These are 10 Subreddit threads that you need to start following today. Let's get started!


Ever been feeling down? Just not having a great day? Well luckily Reddit always has an easy solution to that problem. No, it’s not cat pictures (Though there are plenty of those to go around), It’s the truly cutest animals on the internet, baby elephants. Watch as these cute, not so little guys, slip and slide, get stuck and try to break free of their over protective parents. Truly some of the most adorable things you’ll find on the internet.


Mostly this is a collection of memes or phone conversations from people who don’t quite understand how the human body works. What makes it good for more than just a laugh though, is it can help people appreciate just how misunderstood basic anatomical facts are, and how that can affect people in their day to day lives. This study posted helps show to what extent this is true.


Hey do you remember how cool you looked in middle/high school? Ever look back at those photos and realize how embarrassingly dressed you were? Then do I have the subreddit for you. r/Blunderyears is full of those wonderful pictures you thought you had burnt resurfaced for you, and everyone else, to laugh at. Only post pictures of yourself, and only if you can laugh at yourself, but it’s okay, because everyone will be laughing both with, and at you.


This one, this is a weird one. Basically, this subreddit believes dolphins can impersonate humans, and are secretly trying, or already have taken over the world. Now with this subreddit you have two options, either laugh along, or OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE THE TRUTH THE DOLPHINS HAVE ALREADY INFILTRATED US.


We all know somebody like this. Someone who believes that they are the smartest person in the room. They constantly brag about how smart they are, and have very little in the way of proving it, so they use bigger words that they hope nobody else understands. This subreddit finds these people through, texting conversations, Facebook posts, or Reddit conversations and posts them for us dumb people to make fun of.


The internet and politics is not a good combination. People love to bicker and argue and when you add the anonymity of the internet to that, things can get real ugly, real fast. Which is why it’s so great to have a place like r/Neutralpolitics. True to its name, this subreddit doesn’t take sides, instead it gives the most fact based arguments you’ll will find on the internet. When it came time for the debates, this is where I went for fact-checking.


For those unfamiliar with the concept of a “nice guy” allow me to elucidate you. A Nice Guy is someone (This can be a guy or a girl, but to keep things simple let’s use the much more common example of a guy) who is friends with someone who they are in love with. Instead of telling them, they expect the other person to realize what they are feeling, and will feel rejected when they aren’t picked for boyfriend/girlfriend material. This subreddit is dedicated to when these people have their little explosions, and reveal themselves not to be nice people, but rather just people who wanted to bone.


No wait, I changed my mind, this is the weirdest subreddit on this list. R/TOTALLYNOTROBOTS is a subreddit of people pretending to be robots, pretending to be people. it’s hilarious. It was birthed from the joke that everyone on reddit is a robot except for you and taken to the extreme. Everyone on there only talks in all caps and are constantly confused by captchas.


I honestly just like this subreddit for its abbreviation: Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because I Is Very Cool, However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl. It’s basically a subreddit of girls doing cool shit. What’s there not to love?


Finally, have you ever wondered which of your two favorite fictional characters would definitively win in a fight? Well wonder no longer! r/WHOWOULDWIN is here to answer that question for you. But they don’t just ask who would win regular fights. What about the Flash vs. Ant-man in a fierce battle of hide and go seek? The answer is waiting for you over in r/Whowouldwin.

What is your favorite underrated Subreddit? Let me know in the comments!

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