Vegetarians: We're People too

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Most of the people I know are meat eaters. They don’t necessarily choose to eat meat either, they just were raised in a household that eats meat. I was also raised as a meat eater, and ate just about every animal or fish that was put on my plate. Last summer however, I choose to stop eating meat altogether.

It was a sporadic decision, and I did not think about it too much. I just told myself, “I think I’ll just stop eating meat, maybe that will help the planet or the animals or something.”

One of the most popular questions people ask me is:  “why did you become a vegetarian.” At first I didn't have an overwhelming goto answer other than I wanted to try it. I did feel like I was in the minority of the vegetarian community, since most of them would have answers and facts ready to go in case someone asked them this question.

After watching a couple of documentaries about the treatment of animals and the diet of humans, I do feel like I made a good choice. In my mind I feel that the life of a chicken or cow is worth more than $5.

Most people say they feel a “cleansing” the first couple of weeks after switching. However, my body did not feel that different after switching. I do feel better about myself, but my body never felt cleansed as some people some say it does for them.

Another common comment I get is something along the lines of “I didn't know you were vegetarian!” Yes I am a vegetarian, and I didn’t know it was my obligation to announce what food goes in my mouth to everyone?

I feel like a common stereotype of vegetarians is that we like to announce or make a big deal that we don't eat meat. I try to do the opposite by not asking for a special meal parties, as well as not flaunting it during conversation.

If you are curious of how I survive, I eat a lot of burritos with beans, avocados, pizza, eggs and yogurt with fruit and granola.

Another stereotype is that all vegetarians are healthy, which is definitely not the case. Although it is more likely that we will be healthier based on our diet restrictions, I do eat of a lot of bread, snacks and ice cream.

I am sure other vegetarians agree with me on some, but probably not all my opinions, and I’m sure they are open to any questions you may or may not have. Just remember vegetarians are just humans who don’t eat meat!

Have you ever thought of going vegetarian? Let me know in the comments!

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