Repackage These WWE Superstars: Heath Slater

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This is the second of a multi-part series in which I will be breaking down once-promising WWE superstars who have overstayed their welcome with fans and would benefit from a rebranding.

Part I: Repackaging Bray Wyatt

You might be surprised to see Heath Slater listed among the superstars that I feel deserve or just plain need a repackaging. I'm not saying that Heath Slater needs a repackaging because I'm not a fan of what he does in the ring. He just needs a real, legitimate chance to shine and actually make it to the level that he deserves to be on. 

Let's face it, Heath Slater is seen as a joke to many if not most of the WWE universe but, in my opinion, he doesn't really deserve to be. Since making his debut as part of Nexus, he's been an incredibly hard worker. After his time in the Nexus and Corre (which admittedly did come with a couple of title runs), he was pushed to the bottom of the card and was rarely used unless someone needed a quick squash match or to generally beat someone up in order to make themselves look better. And for years, Heath Slater has taken that role before finally being rewarded with a tag team title run with Rhyno over on Smackdown.

For many years I scoffed every single time Heath Slater appeared on my screen because I thought that it was a waste of my time to see him get squashed again and again. However if you watch his matches, from the early days of his career all the way to the current day, you'll see a very steady and noticeable pattern of improvement which has slowly won me over to his bandwagon.

Heath Slater is a tireless worker who has outlasted almost every other member of the Nexus including Wade Barrett, Ryback, Justin Gabriel and, if I'm not mistaken, he is the only member of the group who is still an active member of the main WWE wrestling roster as David Otunga has largely moved into an announcer role.

Over the years he has been given various chances such as with his time in Nexus (before it became obvious that the story line was going nowhere), Three Man Band (before his band mates were both dismissed) and Social Outcasts (*cough Adam Rose cough*) but none of these opportunities panned out for him despite it never actually being his fault. He has leadership potential to be sure, why not give him a real stable?

Heath Slater deserves a real chance to do something with his career. He has more than paid his dues and done his time at the bottom of the card. He has genuine talent and charisma, why not give him a character and see what he can do with it? I'm willing to bet that if given the chance, he would surprise many with what he can actually do.

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